Tennessee Woman Captures Amazing Hail Storm Video [Watch]

A Tennessee woman captured amazing video footage of a hail storm that hit Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on June 2, 2015. The video shows an immense amount of hail pouring from the sky onto the cars below. The woman noted in the video description that the skies were sunny just before the intense storm hit the area.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Kelly Champagne and shows the June 2 hail storm as it pummeled her Gatlinburg home. In the video, it appears as though someone has opened a giant ice chest and dumped it down on the area. Ice can be seen falling from the sky in an almost endless stream. Kelly noted that it was a bright and sunny day up until the storm hit.

“Video of a hail storm that hit on what was a beautiful sunny day on June 2nd 2015.”

Towards the end of the video, Kelly pans to what appears to be an umbrella stuck in the ground so that you can get a better taste for exactly how much ice has fallen in such a short span of time. After the storm was over, Kelly got out her camera once more and filmed some “aftermath” footage.

In the video description, Kelly notes that all of this ice accumulated in a short 10-minute hail storm. The woman can be seen shuffling her feet through the piles of tiny ice pellets that have covered her driveway. When placing her foot into the icy pellets, the pellets reach the top of her foot.

What do you think of the amazing hail storm video?

[Image Credit: YouTube]