‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!’ Teaser Trailer Released And Even Abraham Lincoln Gets Some Shark Love [Video]

Sharknado fans just got a taste of what’s to come thanks to the Sharknado 3 teaser trailer released by the SyFy Channel today. The 20-second TV spot reminds viewers that all the biggest blockbusters, including The Godfather and The Lord of the Rings, come in threes and as B-movies go, you can’t get much more blockbuster than Sharknado.

Airing July 22, the third installment of the Sharknado franchise brings back stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, as well as some fresh, new shark-fighting faces including entrepreneur Mark Cuban, David Hasselhoff, and NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski.

From the looks of it, Sharknado 3 appears to take a bite out of Washington D.C. this time. The teaser features a heavily-armed Ziering and fictional U.S. President Mark Cuban tearing up the halls of the White House while one shark nestles itself in the lap of the Lincoln Memorial.

Check it out.

A made-for-TV movie, its mixture of cheesy lines, overacting, and far-fetched premise of sharks being lifted from the ocean by water tornadoes and thrust onto land to terrorize Los Angeles made Sharknado an instant cult classic with B-movie fans. After all, nothing says “epic movie” like a former Beverly Hills 90210 actor slinging a chainsaw at blood thirsty sharks. The success of Sharknado was largely generated by the online and social media chatter surrounding it and left many fans begging for more.

Ask and ye shall receive, Sharknado fans. In 2014, SyFy fans were delighted with the shark attack return of Sharknado 2: The Second One. Set in New York, that sequel featured more of the same with several cameos from celebrity fans such as Perez Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, and Matt Lauer. The ratings for Sharknado 2 compared to Sharknado doubled for its premiere, making it the highest-rated original film on the SyFy network. Sharknado 2’s success pretty much ensured a third one would be produced.

It seems impossible to believe that the creators of Sharknado could come up with anything bigger or better than sharks biting the Big Apple, let alone a better name, but alas it seems they just may have done that. While the teaser eludes to a Washington D.C. setting, there also appears to be some action at Universal Studios as if the Jaws Encounter went horribly wrong. Aptly named Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! the third installment looks like it may be the cheesiest, most action-packed, and satirical version yet.

Will you be tuning into SyFy on July 22 for Sharknado 3?

[Image courtesy of NYDailyNews/SyFy]