Sneak A Peak Into The Fallout: A Closer Look At ‘Fallout 4’ Screenshots Released By Bethseda

The Fallout 4 hype continues to build up as E3 approaches, and Bethesda is taking the opportunity to keep pumping Fallout fans in anticipation for the game’s release.

Earlier this week, the official Fallout 4 trailer was finally released, and everyone painstakingly tried to make sense of the Fallout 4 footage teased in the trailer. But Bethesda was kind enough to release some really beautiful high-resolution screengrabs from Fallout 4 for people to feast their eyes on.

The Bethesda Blog published a couple of full-resolution screenshots of Fallout 4, and we’re all trying to make sense of them. Vault 111, of course, is one of the biggest mysteries in the teased Fallout 4 trailer. Continue on with the theories about this new vault while we present below some of the other interesting Fallout 4 screenshots released by Bethesda.

Mister Handy's comeback in Fallout 4

That’s a yes for Mister Handy’s comeback in Fallout 4. A closer look into this photo and we can see the warm autumn colors signaling pre-war Boston. Fallout fans are excited to find out if this means the Fallout 4 gameplay would explore pre-war Boston or will we all be trapped again in a myriad of flashbacks.

The livelier Fallout 4 terrain

Turn this beautiful Fallout 4 screenshot into an “I Spy” game and try to locate the dog camouflaged amongst the flora. Nothing much going on apart from the Red Rocket gasoline brand famous in the Fallout franchise, but it is nice to note how much livelier Fallout 4 is going to be in contrast to Fallout 3’s sad desert terrains.

Post-war Fenway Park

That, definitely, is a screenshot of post-war Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox, it could be noted that the baseball ground was transformed into a headquarters. That white diamond logo, no doubt, signals Faction. Fallout fans will be excited to explore interesting buildings such as this.

Probably Back Bay Boston?

Those are some pretty lively colors by Bethesda. A supposed reconstruction of Back Bay Boston in a post-war Fallout world, that is some fine reuse of metal, won’t you say? The Protectron in the foreground is actually a pretty interesting touch.

The Stranger traipsing around Scollay Square

This is a pretty intriguing Fallout 4 screenshot, with amazing lighting and concepts. See the word “Scollay” barely visible on the upper left side of the photo? This is Fallout 4’s creative reimagination of Boston’s Scollay Square. Fallout fans also speculate that the creepy man in the trench coat highlighted in this photo is the Fallout series’ mysterious character, The Stranger.

Super Mutants alert

The last of our selected screenshots, this beautiful but truly terrifying scene shows Fallout 4’s Super Mutants trying to find their way. We wouldn’t want to mess with those two but surely, you may want to grab the full resolution version of this Fallout 4screenshot at imgur to use as your desktop background.

Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 news and updates.

[Images via the Bethesda Blog]