Family Finds Nest Of The World’s Deadliest Spiders In A Bunch Of Bananas: Supermarket Closes As Hunt For Killer Queen Spider Continues

An unsuspecting British family have found a nest of the world’s deadliest spiders lurking in an innocent bunch of bananas they purchased from a budget supermarket.

Fortunately, the family wasn’t attacked by any of the Brazilian wandering spiders, whose vicious venom can kill a human in less than two hours, because they were still in egg form. However, the killer queen spider and mother of the banana-dwelling brood of deadly spiders is still at large, forcing the supermarket in question to shut down until the wicked web spinner can be found.

The Mirror reports that the family were about to tuck into the delicious bag of fruit when they noticed something not quite right with the bunch of bananas in question.

Not realizing it was a nest of the world’s deadliest spiders but realizing it was definitely something devilishly diabolical, the family immediately called the police and fled their home in sheer terror.

Wildlife experts stormed the house looking for the killer queen spider, but living up to its name, the Brazilian wandering spider was nowhere to be seen, leading to fears it was still scuttling around the supermarket waiting to pounce.

The supermarket in Hinckley, Leics, has since been closed while police officers and experts in protective clothing patrol the aisles in search of their deadly prey.

The eggs from the spider’s nest were passed onto the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, who identified them as belonging to the Brazilian wandering spider before returning them to the supermarket.

The owner of the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, Geoff Grewcock, explained how in his experience the Brazilian wandering spider is even deadlier than Black Widows or scorpions.

“We had a call from the family who had bought the bananas from Aldi and there was a clump of eggs in there. We had to determine what the eggs were and we thought on the balance of probabilities it was probably eggs from a Brazilian Wandering Spider.

“They can kill you, people who get bitten do die. I have dealt with scorpions and Black Widow spiders before, but never one of these. It is frightening.

“My advice if you see one would just be to run away as fast as possible and then call the police. Don’t be brave. The bananas came from Brazil and the question now is where is the adult?”

[Image via The Mirror]