Fracas Gets Jennifer Bassey Tossed Off Flight — Actress Didn’t Flush, Wash Her Hands?

Airlines seem to be making a habit out of kicking celebs off their planes. Not long after a Canadian songstress was booted because her crying toddler posed a security threat, All My Children star Jennifer Bassey was escorted from a Delta flight after she told a flight attendant to “go f*ck herself.”

But that’s not the most shocking part. Apparently, the dramatic confrontation began when an attendant accused Bassey of not flushing the toilet or washing her hands after going to the bathroom before the plane even took off, TMZ reported.

“(The incident was) undignified, embarrassing and beyond stressful,” Bassey told E! Online.

She also intends to take legal action against Delta but not to demand the termination of the employee involved.

The fracas occurred on a Tuesday flight out of JFK Airport in New York City to Indianapolis, which was delayed by one hour. While still waiting on the tarmac, Jennifer went to the bathroom. When she emerged, she was confronted by the attendant.

She loudly asked, “Aren’t you going to flush?”

Jennifer hasn’t addressed the accusation that she didn’t, but she did admit to the crew member’s second charge against her — that she didn’t wash her hands.

“She asked me loudly three times, ‘Ma’am did you wash your hands?'”

Bassey said she prefers hand sanitizer and planned to use some, telling the attendant as much. She was allowed back to her seat.

Since the flight was delayed, she decided to get some work done, so took out her laptop to prepare for an audition. The stewardess then sauntered over, yelled, and “stood there next to me waiting for me until I put it away.”

There are a couple versions about what happened next. According to E! Online, Bassey was putting her computer away when she “backed into” the crew member’s hand, who started yelling, “Don’t touch me! Don’t ever touch me!”

According to the Hollywood Gossip, their hands bumped on the way back from the bathroom.

Either way, Jennifer said she responded by saying, “Go f*ck yourself!”

At this point, a co-worker got involved, berating her for arguing with the crew and using vulgarity around a kid. The plane then returned to the gate, and police arrived to escort her from the flight because she was a “risk to the carrier.”

Delta confirmed that she was removed and has accused her of assaulting the stewardess. Talking to police in the airport immediately afterward, Jennifer said officers thought the allegation was hilarious.

“It was all unfortunate, but I am a senior citizen who is petite and tiny. How could I assault someone? Maybe she was having a bad day, but if something bad is happening to you, you don’t take it out on someone else.”

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Jaguar]