Soon At Taco Bell, Booze Is On The Menu As Chain Seeks To Drop Fast Food Image

Taco Bell is selling booze soon in Chicago. Beer, wine, and “mixed alcohol freezes” could end up being the beverage that the Illinois city uses to wash down their burrito supreme.

The confirmation on this addition to the menu comes from franchise owner Yum Brands, Inc., which is planning to emulate what South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom have already been doing.

Alongside the new beverage, Chicago’s Mexican fast food patrons will also witness a redesign of the restaurant complete with barstools and an exposed brick wall, as well as an open kitchen. The work of local artists will be on display at the new location to help give it a “neighborhood” feel.

This Summer’s Taco Bell booze upgrade is being tested as a way of helping the chain follow the examples of other chains, such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, attempting to shed the “cookie cutter fast food” image and appeal to millennials. The market suggests that the new generation of patrons prefers a more authentic look to restaurants, says New York Daily News.

For now there is only one location involved in the test. The Wicker Park neighborhood is set to be the first to see the transformation.

Also much like other fast food chains, Taco Bell is planning to start making their food healthier, removing artificial flavoring and coloring. The healthier alternative won’t affect menu options like the Doritos Locos taco, which emulates the name brand potato chip.

The news began last month as a rumor, which started when Taco Bell acquired a liquor license. Speculation can now be put to rest, as Yum Brands, Inc. has confirmed the change to its fast food menu.

It is unknown yet what kinds of mixed alcohol drinks will be available or what the limit will be on the percentage of alcohol by volume. Could we end up with the option of ordering a soft taco and a Pepsi mixed with Jagermeister?

What do you think of the Taco Bell booze transition?

[Image via William Thomas Cain / Getty Images]