‘The Flintstones’ Bedrock City Up For Grabs, Complete With Volcano And Giant Brontosaurus

If you grew up in the 1960s, this may be a childhood dream come true. A real-life recreation of The Flintstone’s home, Bedrock City, is for sale in Arizona.

And all you need is $2 million.

The “down-on-its luck theme park,” as The New York Daily News puts it, has been open since 1972. But owner Linda Speckels, who took over the business when her husband died 20 years ago, is ready to retire, her daughter, Holly Hulen, told ABC News.

“My mother is 73 and she and my father built that business. My father passed away over 20 years ago. She’s been running it herself, and she’s ready to retire. She’s ready to enjoy her grandkids and not worry about managing a business.”

With a volcano named Mt. Wilma and a giant green brontosaurus, Bedrock City sounds like a lot to handle for one elderly woman. It includes both a theme park and campground, the Hollywood Reporter added, a 3,800 square-foot housing area, gift shop, restaurant, room for RVs, convenience store, and 30 acres.

According to a sales brochure, the owner envisions a bright future for the attraction–which is only 30 miles from the Grand Canyon–including the addition of a casino, resort, outlet mall, and amusement park.

Unfortunately, the licensing agreement with Hanna Barbara is not included, but would have to be re-established with the company.

But Bedrock City still has a lot to offer all on its own, and it would seem a shame to alter the unique theme park too much. You can take a train through Mt. Wilma, or slide down the brontosaurus’ tail, eat a Chickasaurus Dinner with Gravelberry Pie at Fred’s Diner.

Although, if Bedrock City does get a new life as a perfectly ordinary casino, there is actually another one in Custer, South Dakota.

This one opened before its sister, in 1966, by a distant cousin of Hulen. Which proves that Bedrock City is a family-oriented business, if not a family tradition–both Hulen’s father and grandfather worked at the original attraction before they moved to Arizona to build this one.

[Photo Courtesy Twitter]