‘Batman V Superman’ Rumors: Will Kryptonite Return?

We’ve heard some interesting Batman v Superman rumors that could explain a lot in the much-anticipated blockbuster set to arrive next Spring.

We warn you, this articles could contain the much-feared spoilers, but why will you be reading it if you didn’t want to know? Moving on.

If you may recall, Zack Snyder did not use the classic tool that makes Superman (Henry Cavill) turn to mush and lose all his super-powers — kryptonite. After all, the Man of Steel had enough to deal with trying to figure out how to fit in and facing his nemesis, General Zod.

These Batman v Superman rumors are enough to make the fandom even more excited than they already are, especially after the first trailer was released. In it, the stage is set for the confrontation between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman for the first time in cinematic history.

But how can a mere human who has some awesome toys at his disposal even think about standing up to the Man of Steel? Though nothing official has come from Snyder and co., many are speculating that the only possible way this fight can be on a level field is kryptonite.

In Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice, Snyder wanted to make this Superman more human than other versions, so he stayed away from things that made him more like an alien. Kryptonite has been used in many of the Superman movies of the past, and at first, fans couldn’t understand how there could be Superman without kryptonite. However, Snyder went out of his way not to include it.

“I’ll be honest with you, there’s no Kryptonite in the movie.” Snyder told Entertainment Weekly at the time.

Batman v Superman kryptonite
Image via Warner Bros. screencap

According to El Mayimbe’s new website Heroic Hollywood, we have already seen kryptonite in the Batman v Superman trailer. Screen Rant points out that in one of the trailer’s scenes, Superman is seen “wielding both a scoped rifle and a large, club-like instrument,” which is almost impossible to see in detail.

“According to this rumor, that weapon is a ‘Kryptonite-laced spear,’ using radioactive minerals from Kal-El’s home planet to weaken the Man of Stee”s invulnerability.”

Additionally, Batman promises that “Superman will bleed” in the trailer, and this could give credence to this Batman v Superman rumor. The only way a human, no matter what machines he has access to, can defeat Superman is by using kryptonite, his Achilles heel. However, we must keep in mind that even if Batman defeats Superman in Batman v Superman, it’s only a temporary thing as they are both set to appear in the awaited Justice League series.

But we must also consider that Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) will be part of the plot this time around, and maybe he is the one who introduces kryptonite. Could he possible band with Batman against Superman? If we have learned anything about how Zack Snyder is handling things in Batman v Superman, it is that he wants to surprise us.

[Image via Warner Bros.]