Suicide Fail As Man Blown From Blazing Car [Graphic Video]

In a case of sheer suicide fail, a man tried to set his car and himself alight but was blasted out of the vehicle and rescued by police. Warning: The dashcam video in this article is graphic and is not for sensitive viewers.

Police caught the action on the dashcam in their car as a man attempted a fiery suicide in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday. It happened at a gas station in the city, where the man had already apparently soaked the interior of his car with gasoline.

According to the Austin Statesman, police were speaking to the man as he ran to his car and set it and himself alight. However, this turned out to be the suicide fail of note. When an officer tried to pull him from the car, the force of the blaze blew him and the police officer out of the car in flames. Not to be outdone, he attempted to get back into the blazing car, screaming all the while.

While the man did sustain injuries from the fire, two police officers rescued him. According to RT News, Austin Police Department said in a statement that they “responded to a check welfare call… for a man threatening to light his vehicle on fire.”

After arriving on the scene, they attempted to talk to the man, who was later identified as 57-year-old Andrew Guerrero.

In the video, Guerrero can be heard telling them, “I think I’m going to set the car on fire.”

It was at this stage that Guerrero jumped into his car, lighting the gasoline with a lighter, causing an explosion that blew not only the suspect but also the police officers away from the car.

According to Captain Andy Reardon of the Austin Fire Department the car would have gotten hot really quickly.


“We’re talking thousands of degrees inside there, you saw the force it created right there. For him to get back in the car like that, to do that, he was very dedicated on killing himself.”

Guerrero was taken to the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio and apparently only received “non-life threatening injuries” as a result of his suicide fail. Both police officers also received minor injuries from the blast.

After surviving his suicide fail, Guerrero now faces charges of first-degree felony arson (vehicle).

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