Can ‘Star Wars’ Handle Angelina Jolie’s Boba Fett Fantasy?

It can never be said that Angelina Jolie puts all of her eggs in the same basket, as far as the types of roles she chooses for herself, so it may not come as a surprise to find out that Jolie has an eye toward the Star Wars franchise. Angelina’s recent revelation about having a crush on a certain bounty hunter, however, might raise a few eyebrows.

The topic came up when Ms. Jolie headed up a chat with one of her Unbroken stars for Interview magazine and, while the discussion was supposed to focus on revealing more about Domhnall Gleeson, the Star Wars part of the interview revealed far more about Jolie than about her subject.

“So I know I can’t ask about Star Wars, but I’m going to,” Angelina, never one to beat about the bush, said. “How did you react to [the casting]?”

Gleeson revealed that he had actually experienced slight attacks of panic upon learning that he was cast in Star Wars. Much like Angelina, Domhnall is a far more private person than most. As is the case with most franchise films, Star Wars is very high profile and, Gleeson admitted, was garnering more attention for himself than he might have liked.

Ms. Jolie seemed to understand this, explaining that she also enjoyed living life as privately as was possible.

“It’s the aspect of being an artist I don’t like at all. I’m a very private person,” Ms. Jolie said “I don’t go out much. I’m home with kids. I go to work. I don’t really like being the focus of attention, which is why I like being behind the camera more.”

Angelina added that she would still be open to participating in a Star Wars film. It was then that Angelina confessed harboring a small fangirl crush on Star Wars’ most famous bounty hunter.

“I’m personally a Boba Fett fan,” Ms. Jolie confessed. “Can Boba Fett have a missus?”

Hm, it seems there could be more to that. Does Brad Pitt have some competition for Angelina’s attention?

As the two discussed the popularity of Star Wars and what that fame means for the actors involved in that film franchise, Angelina seemed to see greater appeal to Star Wars than she had at first considered.

“The Star Wars movies always have these beautiful messages and they are quite profound. And you will have this thing where, wherever you go in the world, you will be an artist and familiar to [fans].”

It may take some time before Star Wars fans see a lightsaber-wielding Angelina Jolie, but she can be seen starring alongside husband Brad Pitt in By The Sea when that film hits theaters in November.

[Featured image: Angelina Jolie courtesy of Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images; Boba Fett courtesy of Lucasfilm/Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi]