K-Drama Star Park Shin Hye Wants To Get Married, But There Is One Catch - What Is It?

When K-drama fans are asked to name who would be the most prominent female K-drama star living today, some will say Yoon Eun-hye (Coffee Prince, Marry Him If You Dare) while others say Jang Na-ra (Sweet Dream, Fated to Love You). Why even some K-drama fans might include Soo Ae (A Thousand Days' Promise, Queen of Ambition) for her phenomenal presence in current K-drama Mask.

Yet, the one female K-drama star whose consistency starring in popular shows is Park Shin-hye. With roles in You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, The Heirs, and the recently-finished Pinocchio, Shin-hye's resume is more than amazing. Unfortunately, Shin-hye's accolades doesn't equate to her love life. At this moment, Shin-hye is still single and one little catch may be the reason why she still is despite wanting to be married: she wants to marry a man who is like her father.

Beautiful You K-Drama
"Beautiful You" is one of the first K-dramas that made Park Shin-hye a prominent K-drama star.

According to KDrama Stars, Park Shin-hye made her marriage preference known while partaking in an SBS variety show that focuses on single Korean celebrities, Some Men, Some Women. Apparently, Shin-hye was inspired by the relationship she shared with her parents, in which she verified through a statement.

"I want to live in a happy family, like my parents. So I wanted to get married when I was 23-years-old."
Right now, Park Shin-hye is 25-years-old. She may have missed her marriage deadline by two years, but has refined what she is looking for when she does marry (which is of course more like her father). Ergo, Shin-hye's new goal is to get married by 30-years-old, but that may change too. Park Shin-hye plans to achieve said goal by avoiding casual dating, focusing only on marriage.

Park Shin-hye is not oblivious to the fact that by placing all men on a comparative scale to her father, her choices are rather limited. As a result, actually going out with someone can be somewhat difficult.

"I keep comparing men to my dad, which is not very good."
[Featured Image via Park Shin-hye's Official Facebook, Post Image via Beautiful You Promotions]