Sandra Bullock On ‘Magic Mike XXL’: Star Shares Her Surprising Reaction To The Trailer

Sandra Bullock shared her thoughts on the Magic Mike XXL trailer when she stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show recently, and she is definitely a fan of the men in the film. Bullock stopped by the daytime show last month, but now her reaction to the trailer is going viral. Her quote made it into a new roundup video of funny moments from appearances in recent weeks released by Us Magazine on Thursday.

What did Bullock say that has people talking today? Bullock joked about the new trailer featuring Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer, by saying, “It’s just you see the trailers, and I know they’re sort of winking at you, but then I ovulate. You don’t know what I’m talking about?”

Ellen quickly responded that she did not have the same reaction to the trailer, but she did call all of the men in the film handsome. Bullock even admitted to trying to fight the emotions she felt because of the trailer, but she wasn’t able to fight them off.

Her reaction to Magic Mike XXL is not all Bullock shared during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen asked Sandra about Mother’s Day, and she revealed that she “cried a lot.” Her son, Louis, wrote her a song, and he sang it to her on Mother’s Day. The tears just started to flow soon after he began singing the tune to her, according to Daily Mail.

Sandra Bullock is a busy lady. Her talk show appearance was to promote Minions. The actress stars as the first human villain in the animated feature. Minions is set for release to theaters on July 10.

July will also see a court case involving Bullock in court. Joshua Corbette was arrested after breaking into the actresses’ home last year. He appeared in court on June 14, and he entered a plea of not guilty. According to, he will return to court on July 15.

“Last month (April 15), a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the 39 year old to stand trial after hearing testimony from the arresting officers and listening to Bullock’s panicked 911 call, in which the Gravity star was heard telling the dispatcher, ‘I’m in my closet. I have a safe door. I’m locked in the closet right now.'”

Since Corbett’s arrest in June 2014, the man has been receiving treatment for mental illness. BBC News reported that Corbett carried photos of the actress in his pocket, and he had a notebook that contained a letter he wrote for her. He thought he and Bullock were married. His attorney revealed that his client no longer believes he is married to Bullock. That is due to the treatment he has received.

As for Magic Mike XXL, the film is a sequel to Magic Mike. That film was released in 2012. This new film will arrive in theaters on July 1. Earlier this week, a video featuring Channing Tatum was released. The actor tricked some of the film’s fans with a prank, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

He set up a special screening for the film and spent a period of time in make-up to change his appearance. At the screening, he took on the role of an older marketing executive and asked questions of those attending the screening.

However, the screening did not happen. The men and women in attendance received a special live strip show, and one lucky fan received a lap dance from Channing Tatum himself before he pulled off his disguise. The Magic Mike prank video showed the fans were definitely shocked by the Tatum stunt, but in a good way.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock’s reaction to Magic Mike XXL?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]