Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Might Be Seeking Out Jason Statham For A Role As This Villain In Season 2

Marvel’s Daredevil, the once foundering film led by future Batman Vs. Superman’s Batman, Ben Affleck, has been making a much more successful mark as a Netflix series. To say Marvel’s Daredevil has been successful would be an understatement. As the Marvel series seeks to expand into a second season, as most comic books and comic book TV and film adaptations must do, they need to seek out more villains. According to Comicbook, Jason Statham looks to be in talks to play a Daredevil villain we have already seen on film.

If rumors prove to be true about the next Daredevil villain to premiere in season 2, this would be Statham’s first foray into a comic book adaptation.

According to Latino Review, Jason Statham was actually approached by 20th Century Fox to appear in Daredevil film reboot, just before Marvel repurchased the rights to many of their characters like Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Sadly, there is no information as to what character or role he would have played, but reports indicated the Daredevil reboot was intended to follow a Born Again or Man Without Fear arc. Both Daredevil stories were written or co-written by Frank Miller.

Latino Review reported that Jason Statham was seen meeting with Marvel, on a break from his upcoming film Spy.

Some might be surprised by Statham’s potential move to the small screen, especially The Transporter fans. The Jason Statham-led film trilogy went from big to small screen, but did not include the titular actor. Of course, Marvel and Daredevil fans still remember the last time we saw Bullseye in the big screen debut. Colin Farrell played the Daredevil villain, but the Marvel film was ultimately panned by most critics.

Marvel’s Daredevil, after positive reviews, earned the right to have a season 2 on Netflix. Statham and his Bullseye appearance on Daredevil remain to leave rumor and become reality. The Inquisitr reports that Rosario Dawson, who plays the blind superhero’s love interest, will definitively return for season 2.

If Statham’s potential Bullseye appearance was not enough to make Daredevil fans intrigued for season 2, Marvel villains Mr. Fear and Mysterio (more known for being a Spider-Man villain) have been officially confirmed. Elektra, the Marvel character who was Daredevil’s love interest in the Ben Affleck-led film, will also be showing up for season 2.

The worst part about all this news is that Daredevil fans will have to wait until 2016 to see it all play out with Jason Statham and the rest of Marvel villains and characters to show up for season 2. However, there is certainly a lot of comic book adaptations on both film and TV to keep them busy.

What are you thoughts? Would you like to see Bullseye show up in the Netflix series? Would The Transporter actor be your choice?

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