Kim Kardashian Fears Weight Gain As Kanye West Admits He Loves Her Pregnancy Curves

Kim Kardashian has fears of gaining weight during her pregnancy. However, Kanye West thinks she looks the sexiest when she’s pregnant.

West, 37, is very excited that Kardashian, 34, is pregnant with his second child. In fact, the rapper thinks she’s sexier when she gains weight during her pregnancy. New reports claim that Kardashian fears that she’ll gain massive amounts of weight during her pregnancy.

An alleged source told HollywoodLife that Kanye loves it when Kim gets curvier during her pregnancy.

“Kanye loved all her curves when she was pregnant with Nori and this time around it will be no different. The bigger, the better, that’s really how Kanye likes it.

“Besides, Kanye doesn’t think there’s anything more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Especially Kim, who’s carrying a brand new life that she and he created. It’s really amazing if you think about it. What matters most to Kanye is that his baby is healthy and happy and so is his wife.”

This comes after the reports that say that Kim Kardashian is taking precautions against gaining too much weight. An insider told In Touch Weekly that Kim is on a stricter diet this time around.

“She had a grueling pregnancy with North, which had a lot to do with letting herself go on a junk food diet: frequent visits to Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger and lots of stops for ice cream, cookies, and doughnuts.”

It also helps that the famous Kardashian sister has hired a nutritionist to keep her on track.

“This time, she’s going to try staying away from all the junk food. She doesn’t want to gain more than 45 pounds. She’s planning on sticking to grilled chicken and turkey burgers without the bun, and to make use of a trainer more in the early months.”

Kim Kardashian even caught up with the HollywoodLife at the Hype Energy Drink launch on Tuesday, June 2. The reality star opened up about her pregnancy weight gain and her future diet plans.

“I have a nutritionist and I’m trying not to eat like the first time. [Last time], I put on a lot of water weight, so I’m trying to prevent that from happening again. At the end of the day, I’m trying to live in the moment and try to really enjoy the pregnancy.”

Kardashian also knows about the criticism she received for her weight while carrying North. She also realizes that she should wear maternity clothing instead of custom-made designs.

“I’m going to get bigger, that’s okay. I will figure out how to dress.”

Kim is working hard to make sure her appetite doesn’t get too out of control this time around. That doesn’t mean the reality star isn’t human. Even Kim makes mistakes at times. An alleged insider told RadarOnline that she gorged out on fattening food during a May 27 outing at La Scala in Beverly Hills.

“Kim ordered all this crazy food — including multiple appetizers like mozzarella sticks and several different pasta dishes like spaghetti Bolognese; she was splitting them with Kanye, but she was definitely eating like it was her last meal.”

The insider also hinted that Kim’s eating didn’t stop there. The insider made it sounds like she spent the whole week eating like it was going out of style.

“Kim’s been celebrating for the past several days with a lot of her favorite foods: Italian dishes, Mexican specialties such as enchiladas and churros, and classic American plates like chili cheese fries. But she has said she’s not going to get carried away with the cheese and calories this pregnancy.”

Maybe Kim Kardashian will be a little more strict with her diet now that she knows the world is watching. Hopefully she knows that Kanye West loves her, no matter what. Do you think the star will be able to control her cravings during her second pregnancy? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]