Adam Lambert singing Mad World gets Simon Cowell on his feet

Our favorite American Idol contestant Adam Lambert managed to pull of a very rare thing this evening: a standing ovation led by Simon Cowell.

It was 80’s night on Idol, and Lambert performed an arrangement of the Tears for Fears classic Mad World. Lovers of the original might question the changes he made, but you can’t question the pure signing talent. Lambert was controlled, measured, and despite large slabs of falsetto, pitch perfect.

The show was running overtime to the break so only Cowell got to speak. “Adam, the bad news is we’re running out of time. The good news is that I’ll be the only one talking. I think words are unnecessary, because I want to give you a standing ovation.” said Cowell, who then stood, clapping.

Here’s Adam Lambert signing Mad World on American Idol April 7. Oh, because everyone keeps asking, see Is Adam Lambert Gay? and more proof that Adam Lambert is Gay.