Caitlyn Jenner Over Noah Galloway Rumor Debunked: ‘No Runner-Up’ For Arthur Ashe Courage Award, Says ESPN

You may have seen it on Facebook, Twitter, the Inquisitr, or posted elsewhere on the wily interwebs: a viral photo that showcases one-armed, one-legged, terrorist roadside bomb victim and veteran Noah Galloway preparing for endurance events against all odds.

Then, along with the photo, some text noting that Galloway was “runner up” to Caitlyn Jenner for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Noah Galloway, Jenner, Really?
Many were upset by the viral rumor that Noah Galloway, pictured, was overlooked for an award given to Caitlyn Jenner.

Well, as is often the case, though the picture and message above have been widely posted to Facebook and elsewhere, causing much Caitlyn Jenner vs. Noah Galloway consternation, the message below the photo turns out to be bunk, bogus, and not legit. ESPN recently told CNN there is no runner-up for the Arthur Ashe Award.

ESPN announced Monday that Caitlyn Jenner was the winner of the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Before long, the initial post featuring Galloway was making its rounds, dryly, with overtones of disgust, saying, “Caitlyn Jenner won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. The runner up was this guy.”

As so often happens, though bogus, the sentiment struck a strong chord in many, and without checking Snopes or doing any other research on the ESPYs or the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, people went posting, and soon the Noah Galloway vs. Caitlyn Jenner Arthur Ashe Award post had gone viral.

Like many others, one of those posting the Noah Galloway picture and corresponding message on Facebook also included some commentary of their own, saying, “I guess we can tell which direction American Society is headed.”

Many Facebook friends of this poster quickly agreed, saying things like, “Call me crazy, but this guy (Noah Galloway) should have won! DUH!!!” and “I’m all for acceptance, but a bravery/courage award should belong to those who have suffered more & persevered!”

But soon this thread went the way that so many do which are based on erroneous rumors such as Noah Galloway being the runner-up to Caitlyn Jenner for the Arthur Ashe Award.

“Total bulls**t,” said a girl named Rachel.

The thread concludes with solid confirmation that the Noah Galloway runner-up to Caitlyn Jenner rumor is false with another girl named Angilee saying, “It’s not true.”


And for those still not convinced that Galloway being runner-up to Caitlyn is pure rubbish, CNN sports anchor Rachel Nichols tweeted that it is, in fact, “fake.”

As for why ESPN chose Caitlyn Jenner and not Noah Galloway for this year’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award ESPY, they cite Jenner’s moving “forward a constructive dialogue.”

“This year, we are proud to honor Caitlyn Jenner embracing her identity and doing so in a public way to help move forward a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.”

So the next time you decide to make a post to make a point, do a little research or risk the humiliation of those that ran with the Noah-Galloway-runner-up-to-Caitlyn-Jenner-for-the-Arthur-Ashe-Award rumor.

[Images via Facebook, and Ethan Miller, Getty Images]