Hitler Cognac Found: Nazi Leader’s Secret Stash Of Cognac And Champagne Found Under Restaurant

Underneath a German restaurant in Saxony, some Hitler cognac was found. The find was discovered by restaurateur Silvio Stelzer. The liquor was hidden deep inside the cellars that lie underground in the restaurant located at the historic villa where the Moritzburg Water Palace is at. The Telegraph reports that Stelzer also ran across ledgers that reveal Hitler’s staff moved the bottles there to protect them from Allied air raids on Berlin.

Hitler wasn’t known to drink much but had brandy and champagne on-hand to entertain, according to the report.

Along with Hitler’s cognac being found, records also show that the Nazi leader’s staff sent salami, cheese, chocolate, and cigarettes to be stored in the cellars under the restaurant. Due to wartime food shortage, many people throughout the German nation were starving.

Men were at work renovating the grounds when they stumbled on a six-storey deep complex of cellars under the garden.

Stelzer spoke with Bild about the Hitler cognac and food find.

“At the end of 1944 Adolf Hitler had his household food and drink stores moved to my cellar by his steward Kannegiesser, as they were not safe because of air raids on Berlin.

“Nothing remained of the food and consumables. After May 8, 1945, Russian troops looted everything.”

The cognacs and champagne remained in the cellars, surviving the Berlin air raids. Stelzer said what will happen to the bottles of liquor is unknown at this point.

Images of Hitler’s cognac can be seen on Bild’s site here.


As the Local reports, when Silvio Stelzer purchased the historical property, he knew it was rich in history. He didn’t expect to find cognac and food once in Hitler’s possession from World War II. The property is at Wasserschloss Moritzburg estate, the old seat of the royal family of Saxony.

The report includes historical facts about Hitler that has to do with his eating habits.

The Local writes, “It’s a surprising find for one of history’s most famous diet obsessives – the Nazi dictator was a vegetarian, teetotal and a non-smoker.”

It’s unclear if the cognac and other rare goodies will be turned over to a historical organization — or if he’ll do something with them. Now that the world knows about the latest Hitler cognac find, some would be intrigued to see items that the Nazis worked so hard to protect and deprive others of. While they lived luxuriously on fine wine and food, starvation was rampant.

[Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images]