Sarah Palin Calls Lena Dunham A Pedophile, Compares To Josh Duggar Controversy

Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol are sticking up for the Duggars after the media has reported about the molestations that Josh Duggar was involved in. By claiming that the “liberal media” has a certain bias in their reporting, Palin’s daughter Bristol brought up Girls star Lena Dunham.

Bristol said that there’s evidence double standards exist in today’s media.

In a blog post, she said, “I can’t believe how crazy the media is going over the Duggar family compared to the big fat yawn they gave Lena Dunham when she wrote in her book that she sexually experimented with her sister. The double standards make me sick.”

Let’s back up a second. In her memoir, Lena Dunham wrote about touching her little sister’s privates because she was curious about female privates. In the story, Lena is 7-years-old, a child’s age, and she wanted to know why her little sister Grace’s privates didn’t look like her own. Meanwhile, Josh Duggar was a pubescent teen when he decided to molest four of his sisters.

That said, Sarah Palin had harsh words about Lena Dunham, calling her a pedophile. In a Facebook post, she supported Bristol’s post.


She continued to praise her daughter’s post, adding, “Radical liberals in media who have total control over public narratives are disgusting hypocrites, so says my daughter. Go get ’em, Bristol!”

Sarah Palin goes on to say that she’s not defending Josh Duggar’s actions.

“I’m not defending the Duggar boy’s obvious wrongdoing over a decade ago. The main victim in any story like this isn’t the perpetrator, it’s the innocent ones so harmfully affected. I’m not an apologist for any sexual predator, but I’m sickened that the media gives their chosen ones a pass for any behavior as long as they share their leftwing politics. Case in point, they suggest Lena Dunham’s sexual assault on her sibling is cute, and she’s rewarded for it with fame and fortune. Meanwhile, they crucify another, along with an entire family.”

Months prior, Dunham took the media to task when she was called a pedophile by a conservative blog called TruthRevolt, which headlined the story, “Lena Dunham describes sexually abusing her little sister.”

Her response came in a series of tweets.

“The right wing news story that I molested my little sister isn’t just LOL- it’s really f—ing upsetting and disgusting. And by the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you. Usually this is stuff I can ignore but don’t demean sufferers, don’t twist my words, back the f–k up bros.”

What do you think about this comparison?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]