WWE News: Sami Zayn’s Return Date Revealed, Rumored To Go Back To WWE NXT?

The term, “injury” is starting to become a normal thing around WWE. It’s already been reported before, but there are currently four men on the shelf for the WWE. Rusev broke his ankle on WWE Smackdown last week. He was forced out of the Elimination Chamber. Therefore, his feud with Dolph Ziggler was short-lived.

Hideo Itami tore his rotator cuff in his shoulder, which will keep him out for 6-8 months. On WWE Raw, Tyson Kidd reportedly suffered a spinal cord injury. If it is confirmed by the WWE, he’ll be out for a lengthy period of time. Without Kidd, Cesaro is now by himself, which blows up the WWE Tag-Team division for the time being.

Another top-tier WWE superstar that is out is Sami Zayn. Last night on WWE NXT, they updated the fans on his condition, especially after his surgery in Alabama. In the first report of his injury, WrestleZone.com said that Sami Zayn would be out for 2-3 months. That was also in the beginning of May.

Since the WWE analysts know more about this situation, there is an update on Zayn’s condition and where he might land upon his return. According to Wrestling Inc., Sami Zayn will be out longer than 2-3 months after his surgery.

“After recently having shoulder surgery, Sami Zayn is expected out of action until October. WWE has another NXT Takeover special tentatively scheduled for October 7th and more TV tapings on October 8th so Zayn could possibly return then.”

Before his injury, Zayn was on his way to the WWE main roster. After his match with John Cena, it was said that Kevin Owens’ spot now was intended for Zayn. That’s not saying Zayn would’ve beat Cena at Elimination Chamber, or even had a feud with him. Zayn would be advertised for WWE Raw.

There’s a chance now that Sami Zayn will head back down to WWE NXT and continue a feud there. If Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are up by October, then Zayn may have to stay. Samoa Joe is nearly-guaranteed to be in WWE NXT until WrestleMania 32. While WWE NXT has a plethora of great stars, replacing Balor and Owens will be very hard.

Sami Zayn is doing the responsible thing and electing to get surgery. With the proper rehab program and allotted time for healing, Zayn will be back by October. Risking further injury isn’t wise, especially with the countless injured WWE superstars on the shelf. WWE is also being very smart by sending back to WWE NXT, where he’ll continue right where he left off.

[Image via ringsidenews.com]