Seesmic Desktop (Twhirl) takes the good fight to TweetDeck

The new version of Twhirl, now known as Seesmic Desktop, was launched in San Francisco this evening and takes the good fight to popular Twitter client TweetDeck.

Seesmic Desktop is a complete code rewrite, delivering a fresh user experience and feature set. Included in the new version is multiple column and single app support (with Twhirl you had separate windows.) The defining point in the release is the ability to group multiple sources into one central stream, including multiple Twitter accounts. For example, you can blend your and Twitter streams in the one column/ view.

The new client also gets a user interface change, with the introduction of a side bar of navigation results.

We’d tell you more but the live stream failed about 10 minutes into the presentation, not exactly a positive omen. There’s also not a full list available at the time of writing about the additional features. From the choppy video which replaced the black fail screen, there was mention of recording from webcam, multiple image upload support (not sure if this was just Twitter related), and list/ search support similar to TweetDeck.

From what I have seen, it looks like a winner and will offer strong competition to TweetDeck. The multi-account and service support is a feature I’d use, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it.

To get Seesmic Desktop, sign up at and Seesmic will email you a download link when the client is released. No idea yet as to when it will be available. It’s now released. Downloading now.

Update: the preview release only supports Twitter. The other negative: it’s not pretty to look at.