Seinfeld And Dreyfus Together Again: Jerry Gushes Over Julia -- 'You Are The James Bond Of Comedy'

Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis Dreyfus have perhaps the best comedic chemistry in TV history.

The show that made the duo famous, Seinfeld, is perpetually in syndication -- and soon coming to Hulu -- but they reminded everyone what made them so fantastic to begin with when Dreyfus appeared on Seinfeld's show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, on Wednesday, E! Online reported.

This little mini-reunion was pretty much a repeat of the sitcom: Two friends, sitting around, talking about banal, everyday things, and making each other laugh.

The episode began when Seinfeld picked up Dreyfus in an Aston Martin DB5, or James Bond's car, United Press International reported. Seinfeld found it appropriate to choose this car for their giggle-infested ride around Hollywood.

"You are the James Bond of comedy," he said to Dreyfus. "Whatever the mission, you come in and kill it."

Their goal for the day was not too much different than what the Seinfeld cast did for pretty much every episode over 10 years -- find a diner and get something to eat. On the way, they remembered old times, insulted passersby, traded witticisms, finished each other's sentences, and ran into celebrities, reminding everyone what made the show so perfect in the first place.

Among their topics of conversation, according to Uproxx, was "proper cappuccino temperature," how Jerry is nicer than Adolf Hitler but still socially inept, how Dreyfus cries a lot, and some life lessons about happiness.

The funnier "do you remember" moments came when Dreyfus remembered a bit of Jerry's teasing when she was 5-months pregnant. As soon as she began the nostalgic tale, Seinfeld buried his head -- hopefully in shame. It went something like this: He suggested that in order to explain her pregnancy weight gain, they write into the show that Elaine "gets fat." Her response was to burst into tears, but now she admits "it was a great idea and we should've done it."

The afternoon trading tales and laughing was so fun, Jerry couldn't help but gush over Dreyfus, added Us Weekly.

"You're really making me miss the show now. The laughs we had hanging out. It is so fun to be reminded of how funny you are."
And their parting "love you" reveals just how close these two are (not just professionally but personally), and their comfortable, genuine banter, in which both seemed to read the other's mind, was entertaining to watch.

But there was one actress on the show who was far from loved. Also this week, fellow Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander revealed why his beloved -- or not so beloved, actually -- fiancée Susan Ross was killed off on the show.

In a word -- she was fictionally murdered because no one could stand working with her, the New York Daily News added.

It's not that the actress -- now a school teacher and ukulele extraordinaire, oddly enough -- wasn't a sweet person, Alexander stressed, but her comic timing was so confounding that he had a "f**king impossible" time acting with her.

His complaints weren't taken seriously until Seinfeld and Dreyfus had scenes with her, and the latter came up with the solution, he recalled.

"And Julia actually said … 'Don't you want to just kill her?' And Larry went 'kabang!' Now we gotta kill her!' " he laughed.
And thus, sitcom history -- death by wedding invitation glue.

[Photo Courtesy of Uproxx]