Worst Proposal Ever? Man Puts Ring In Chicken Sandwich, Girlfriend Cries [Video]

Joseph Ann came up with the idea to propose to his girlfriend by placing a sparkling engagement ring inside a chicken sandwich. He had apparently even told her family and their friends what he was going to do and, for some reason, no one told him what an incredibly bad idea this was.

He picked up his girlfriend for an evening out and asked her if she was hungry, as he wanted to quickly pick up something to eat. They pull into a McDonald’s drive thru and he orders some food.

It seems staff at the McDonald’s were into the whole plan and handed him a box containing a chicken sandwich along with the engagement ring.

Joseph asks her to check the sandwich to see if there was too much mayonnaise in it and she opens the box and stares down at the contents, totally shocked. At first she laughs and stares at him.

In what is most probably the worst proposal ever, Joseph says to her, “Will you marry me?”

She looks at him totally flabbergasted and obviously shocked by the weird and completely unromantic method he chose to propose marriage to her.

She says to him, “You’re not serious?”

After babbling a little, saying, “You can’t do… you can’t do… this is not…” he tells her to say something (apparently meaning accept what is the worst proposal ever and say “yes”).

He then takes the ring from the top of the bun and in a total marriage proposal fail tries to put it on her finger, while she cries, “No, no.”

She bursts into tears. He says, “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Shocked by the world’s worst proposal ever, she wipes mayonnaise and grease from her hands and turns to him, telling him she couldn’t marry him.

“This is a joke. I can’t marry you… on a chicken sandwich?”

He explains to her he thought it was a surprise and that everyone else was in on it. She says, “I can’t marry you.”

“I know everything is a joke with you, but this isn’t a joke… I can’t marry you.

“You just asked me on a bun?”

Female readers, how would you react if your boyfriend proposed to you this way? OK, an engagement ring in a glass of champagne is one thing, but on a McDonald’s bun has to be right up there as the worst proposal ever.

The marriage proposal fail video was uploaded by Joseph Ann on June 2, 2015 and is already heading toward 100,000 views. Comments on the video vary from, “she’s not lovin’ it” to “I would have said yes, lose her bro.”

Hopefully, he learned his lesson. While the worst proposal ever was not accepted they are apparently still together as he says in the description they have agreed to wait a while until it’s time to get engaged.

However, as reported on the Inquisitr, other guys do get it right. You can watch as basketball star Alex “Superman” Johnson proposed to Brey Dorsett in a Love & Basketball-inspired move.

[Video: Joseph Ann]

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]