Zayn Malik: Is Manila A Reality After Abuse?

Zayn Malik has been laying low since he quit One Direction, but is he going to re-appear on stage in the near future -- in Manila of all places?

Over the last weekend of May, Twitter was hot with hashtags about Zayn Malik doing his first performance solo in Manila, Philippines.

Despite the wishes of fans, it is unlikely that Zayn Malik will give Manila the time of day -- considering how he was treated in the past.

Starting around June 1, fans were tweeting #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn, #ZaynMalikInManila and #ZaynManila.

The Telegraph U.K. gave an explanation of the Zayn Malik hashtags for Manila, and they state the rumors got started by Brazilian TV.

A documentary about Zayn Malik and One Direction aired in that country and, allegedly, the hashtags for Zayn and Manila are linked to that documentary from Brazil's Multishow. The Zayn Malik Manila rumors began with #OneDirectionNoMultishow.

Obviously, Zayn Malik has not stated anywhere online that he will be playing in Manila -- and why would he?

While everyone is curious about the future of Zayn Malik's career trajectory-- Manila is probably the last place on earth he'd visit again.

After all, to say Zayn Malik's last visit to Manila was a disaster is an understatement. Zayn Malik officially quit One Direction within a week of quitting tour. The very last show Zayn Malik was going to do with One Direction was the Manila shows on March 21 and 22 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Instead of dealing with several levels of angst from Manila authorities, Zayn Malik got on a plane and went back to England. Zayn Malik never took the drug test -- and many thought the reason he quit tour is because officials in Manila were singling him out.

Fans may have forgotten the finer details about the Manila situation in March when Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were harassed for weeks before the Manila show. Authorities there kept talking about what a bad influence Zayn Malik was because he had allegedly smoked marijuana -- and got caught.

Despite multiple apologies from Liam Payne, the Manila authorities kept pushing the issue and increasing their boundaries. For example, they stated Zayn Malik needed constant security while in the country, should pay a bond, and basically have police hover over him the whole time he stayed in Manila.

As if it could not be worse, on March 13, the Mirror U.K. wrote the following about the Zayn Malik and the situation in the Philippines.

"A local organization - Laban ng Pamilyang Pilipino - is petitioning the Philippine government's Bureau of Immigration asking to [drug] test the band members. The organization have used an image of Zayn Malik reportedly smoking cannabis during a trip to Peru last summer that reads 'No drug test, no entry'. They insist: 'This is for the welfare of their fans, mostly youth'."
Manila authorities were steadfast about their grudge -- and some fans thought they really took it out on Zayn Malik.

In other words, after such callous treatment in Manila -- would Zayn Malik truly like to pick up where he left off in Manila?

Although the Zayn Malik Manila performance rumors are truly false, Yibada brings up an interesting point. Mainly, while Zayn Malik fans were discussing future Manila performance fantasies -- they were also talking about how angry they still are that Zayn Malik left One Direction in the first place.

In conclusion, what Zayn Malik fans really want from Zayn is not for him to perform in Manila -- but for him to finally perform anywhere in the world (and hopefully reunited with One Direction).

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