Garbageman Who Dumped The Dog He Injured Into His Garbage Truck And Crushed It, Is Simply Let Go – Justice?

A Brazilian garbageman has become the center of hatred of animal lovers for dumping a dog he injured into a garbage disposal truck and crushing it. Despite a clear case of animal cruelty, the garbage man has simply been let off of his job and no other penalties have been served to him.

A garbage disposal truck operator has been recorded by multiple citizens while committing a heinous crime against a street dog. The poor defenseless animal is dead only because of this man, identified as 35-year-old Jadson James Franca. The garbage collector’s act has shocked the natives, and social media is abuzz about the same.

When on a routine garbage run on the streets of Presidente Figueiredo in Northern Brazil, Franca mounted the pavement and hit a stray dog. Though it is not yet clear if Franca accidentally hit the dog or if it was with a malicious intent, the dog suffered severe injuries from the impact. Onlookers claim the impact broke the front legs of the dog, making it unable to move. However, what happened next has the world outraged.

It Was The Garbageman Who Injured The Dog In The First Place
It Was The Garbageman Who Injured The Dog In The First Place

Instead of helping the poor injured creature, which would have surely died on the streets, the garbage man thought it wise to snare a chain around the poor creature and toss it, like garbage, into the back of his garbage disposal truck, which is equipped with a powerful hydraulic compactor. As if something was missing, Franca then flipped a switch to turn on the compactor in a clear attempt to crush the dog and extinguish his life.

When asked why he turned on the compactor, the garbage man clarified his was an “act of kindness” because it [the dog] was “suffering greatly” and “needed to be sacrificed.”

Surprisingly, the dog was alive when the garbage truck arrived at the garbage dump in the evening to unload the day’s collection. However, the dog succumbed to his injuries several hours later. Employees described the dog’s death as “slow and agonizing.”

Though Presidente Figueiredo’s mayor, Neilson da Cruz, has condemned the act and swiftly got Franca sacked, he also strongly criticized the clear apathy the locals displayed. He admonished the locals for merely filming the act and watching it instead of taking a stand and protecting the poor creature.

Perhaps It Was The Apathy Of The Locals That Allowed The Garbageman To Continue
Perhaps It Was The Apathy Of The Locals That Allowed The Garbageman To Continue

While it was indeed incorrect how the locals behaved — to have stood there doing nothing — is firing Franca enough? Though he has been slapped with charges like aggravated animal cruelty, given the fact it’s just a street dog, will he be served justice for intentionally crushing a poor, helpless, and injured dog, all of which, he was entirely responsible for?

[Image Credit: Daily Mail]