‘Cat Library’ For Kitten Lovers: Animal Shelter Hatches Purr-Fect Idea For Rescued Cats

Ever heard of a “cat library” for a kitten or cat? Well, prepare yourself for, perhaps, the most soothing story you’re going to read all day on the internet, citing a report from Metro on June 3.

News about a library for cats began with a discussion on reddit days ago. Then, a user named Tiffany Wilson — aka Loocylooo — made a kittens post that has since gone viral.

“My work has a “cat library”. You can “check out” a cat to take back to your desk for an hour. The kitties are the newest additions to the ‘library’!”

She didn’t indicate where she worked, even after several users queried her over it. However, she only said she worked for a “county government” in South New Mexico, and the kitten initiative is housed there.

Tiffany said the cat library for full-grown felines and kittens was hatched by the county’s director of public relations. Because it is in partnership with a local animal shelter, discussions centered on creating a satellite animal facility to take full advantage of the large influx of foot traffic.

“Because so many people come to our building every day, the animal shelter put in a huge condo for cats and kittens that are need homes. The employees get to take them to their desk as a way to get them used to human interaction, and they also found that employee satisfaction went through the roof. Win-win!”

The kitty library is not a new idea. Reportedly, the adopt-a-kitten program has been up and running for about an a year now. Since its inception, over 100 cats and kittens have been adopted by workers and non-government personnel.

With cases of animal cruelty rising in reported news segments, a cat library is a novel idea to save pets and animals from abuse. Take, for example, a Florida man who allegedly mowed down a dozen ducks recently.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Jason Falbo, a grass cutter at the Olympia development in Wellington, used his riding lawn mower to kill nine ducklings among the 12. Three others, including the mama, managed to escape the mower’s blades.

At the time, a man, woman, and their young son watched in horror. The landscaper said it was an accident. However, police didn’t buy the story. He was arrested for nine counts of abuse to animals.

While the idea of a cat library for kitten lovers sounds counter-intuitive, it reportedly has no negative impact on productivity. Some laud its effect on stress relief and suggest libraries for kitties are cheaper than the cost of a Prozac prescription.

[Photo by Chris Jackson — WPA Pool / Getty Images]