Channing Tatum Pranks Unsuspecting ‘Magic Mike’ Fans With Old Man Disguise

Channing Tatum pranks a group of Magic Mike fans, and the video is now going viral on the internet. Magic Mike XXL is less than a month from its release, and Tatum wanted to promote a contest for the film. A lucky fan will have the opportunity to attend the premiere for the film.

Tatum came up with a creative way to promote the contest, according to Us Magazine. He duped fans at a “special 3D screening” for the film. Before the film, they sat down with a marketing executive who needed to ask them some questions about the film.

However, the fans had no idea that the marketing man was Channing Tatum in disguise. Before the fans arrived, he went into make-up, and he came out as a balding older man. He even wore a less-than-flattering beige suit to match his less-than-appealing look.

During the video, one of the fans admitted that she had no idea that it was Tatum under the make-up at all. In fact, she chastised herself for not recognizing the actor.

Once the fans were inside the theater and seated, Tatum came out in his disguise, and he told the people in the audience to put on their 3D glasses. Once the glasses were on, he stepped back and a group of real strippers entered the theater. The ladies and gentlemen in the audience received a live show.

The group of men soon pulled their “marketing exec” back in, and he began to dance with them. One fan received a special one-on-one performance from Tatum himself. After a minute, he pulled off his disguise, and the fans went crazy.

The first Magic Mike was a huge success at the box office when it was released in 2012. However, most of those at this special screening by Tatum revealed that they only went to see the movie for the stripping.

Tatum has spoken out about this new film, and he has already said that fans will not see a Magic Mike 3, according to Yahoo Movies. He shared a bit more about the film as well, and fans can expect something different this time around.

“It’s definitely lighter. It’s definitely more fun. It might be a little bit more up the alley of some things that people were expecting out of the first one. I would say it’s less dark for sure.”

However, Joe Manganiello had a bit of trouble on set. He was injured during the filming of Magic Mike XXL in a scene that involved a sex swing, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Manganiello spoke about the bicep injury.

“I had to power through four and a half weeks of shooting, just dealing with the pain and praying that the biceps didn’t detach completely. I had surgery the second I got back [to Los Angeles].”

Manganiello did speak a bit more about the film with Yahoo! Movies when they visited the set in 2014, and fans can expect to see a sexier film this time around as well.

“This movie is going to blow people’s minds. There hasn’t been a studio film this racy, this out there, this kind of progressive probably since the 70s. And especially in today’s climate, I think movies play it very safe, and this is going to be something that’s out there.”

What is next for Channing Tatum? According to Variety, he has just signed onto a new film from Sony Tristar called Two Kisses for Maddy. The film was originally set to appear on Lifetime a few years ago, but it did not move forward at that time. Variety described the plot of the film.

“The father-daughter drama is based on Matthew Logelin’s memoir ‘Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love,’ which centers on his marriage, the death of his wife 27 hours after she gave birth to their daughter and his experiences of raising his daughter as a single parent.”

What do you think? Are you ready to check out Magic Mike XXL? The film will arrive in theaters on July 1. Check out the trailer below.

[Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images]