Val Kilmer Frail: Actor's Appearance Worries Fans As He Still Covers Neck Area

Questions about Val Kilmer's frail appearance are igniting a firestorm of rumors over the actor's health. New York Daily News reports that the 55-year-old Top Gun star was seen in Malibu over the weekend looking alarmingly frail with a much thinner frame. He wore a blue bandana and a pink scarf, which is suspected to have been hiding something from cameras. In one of the images, Kilmer was trying to even hide his face.

The photo seen above was of Kilmer when he attended a Los Angeles Clippers game in December. He had a sweater tied around his neck at the time, adding more to the speculations that he's fighting an underlying health conditon.

Some reports have suggested that Kilmer is battling a throat tumor. In January, his rep told the Associated Press that he was in the midst of taking tests for a possible tumor. The actor later contradicted that claim by saying he suffered a "complication." In February, The Doors star had to seek medical treatment for an undisclosed health emergency.

He told fans on Twitter that everything was alright, writing, "The doctors and nurses I met were wonderful and very respectful of my spiritual priorities and I can't thank you all enough for your professionalism and genuine care."

Hollywood News Daily further notes that along with the Val Kilmer frail in health rumors, the 55-year-old had been carrying a medical-type of bag around with him.

After Kilmer denied any serious health issues were plaguing him, his family told TMZ that they worried he'd "ignored the [tumor] problem and allowed it to get worse."

Additionally, it was just last October that Kilmer was in small claims court over a dispute with his former landlord in which he informed the judge that he was unable to speak to because of a swollen tongue. That immediately launched speculations about the actor's health and what hidden medical condition he could be dealing with. Whatever it is, he's not sharing it.

If Val Kilmer is frail due to a cancer diagnosis, why would his family worry that he's ignoring it? According to a February report by Page Six, since Kilmer is a devout Christian Scientist, he might be going against seeking conventional treatment. He's let his fans know that he hasn't had any kind of surgery and that his friends understand and support his spiritual convictions.

Nothing has been confirmed in any way as to whether any of that rings true, but it appears so. Val Kilmer's frail appearance has been covered previously on the Inquisitr. When his health scare in January happened at the time he was coughing up blood, the news source wrote about it then as well.

[Photo by Noel Vasquez/GC Images]