Watch As Snake Steals Eggs In Couple's Kitchen [Video]

Imagine walking into your kitchen and discovering a huge snake, casually draping itself down from your spice cabinet and about to eat your eggs. This is what happened to Laura Neff and her husband Sunday as they walked in, just as a snake steals eggs from a basket on their kitchen counter.

They later identified the snake as being a rat snake, which is apparently a non-venomous snake which is beneficial due to the fact that it eats rodents and eggs, but normally outside eggs and not farm fresh eggs from the kitchen. Apparently, the snake found it much more convenient to just help itself, seeing as there were so many in the bowl. They captured the experience on video which is included above.

Neff and her husband later discovered that the snake had gotten access to the home through a hole in their laundry room floor. Naturally, since they walked in as the snake steals eggs from their home, the said hole is now covered by a "very heavy concrete block," which they say in the description on the video will soon be "permanently plugged."While the couple did kindly let the snake finish the one egg, they then managed to get it out of the kitchen using two brooms and "a whole lot of patience." They gradually nudged the snake and "encouraged" it out of the open window, rather than letting it do what it really wanted to do, slither behind the fridge, probably hoping for more eggs later.

Once they managed to get their brooms under the snake's body, they then hefted it out of the window and it left without argument. They could then relax and recover from the experience they had while watching as the snake steals eggs from their kitchen.

The video was uploaded on June 1 and looks like it might just go viral, as it has already had over 22,000 views at the time of writing this article.

The whole experience brings to mind a story reported on the Inquisitr recently of two teenagers who went out of their way to rescue a snake that had got caught up in some plastic netting. What the snake gave to them in return gave them quite the huge surprise.

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video/Laura Neff]