Laura McComb Found: Missing Texas Mother's Body Identified, Daughter Leighton Is Still Missing

The body of missing Texas mother Laura McComb has been found and identified. Laura, her husband Jonathan, their son Andrew and daughter Leighton were swept away during flash floods in Texas over the Memorial Day weekend. While those following the story had hoped that some of the still-missing family members would be safely found, so far the news has not been good.

The McComb family had been staying in a vacation home with friends in Wimberley, Texas over the holiday weekend. As People notes, during the torrential downpours that weekend, the home on the Blanco River where the McCombs and others were staying was swept away. Though the family clung together as they went down the river, the cabin reportedly soon hit a bridge and split, forcing the family apart.

Jonathan McComb was found about 12 miles from where the house had sat and he is currently in intensive care. Reports indicate that he is recovering from a broken rib, a collapsed lung and a broken sternum. The family dog Maggie was found hanging in tree branches and she managed to survive.

However, for several days Laura, Andrew, 6, and Leighton, 4, remained missing along with several others who had been in the home. Andrew's body was found several days before Laura's, but at this time Leighton still remains missing.

Laura McComb's sister Julia has shared that during the early moments of the tragedy, Laura called to tell her what was happening. ABC News shares that Laura was frantic in her call, explaining to Julia that they were in the house and floating down the river. Laura asked her sister to tell their parents that she loved them, and she asked Julia to pray.

As People shares, Jonathan called his brother David in the early morning hours after the house was swept away. Jonathan and Laura had been ready to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with the trip, and instead Jonathan was separated from the family as the house was swept down the river.

The body of Sue McNeil Carey, one of the group of friends who had been staying together in the home, has also been identified. Three others who went missing during the flash floods, in addition to Leighton McComb, remain missing. Everybody following this stunning and tragic story had been hoping for a happier outcome for Laura McComb and her children Leighton and Andrew, and the search continues for the little girl and others still missing from the incident.

[Image via Yahoo! AU]