MJ Tells Mike Shouhed To Not Let GG Run Him Off 'Shahs,' Says No One Listens To GG Anyways

Is Mercedes "MJ" Javid playing both sides of the fence when it comes to the feud between Mike Shouhed and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi? In the latest Shahs After Show web episodes, posted after Monday night's Shahs After Sunset finale episode but filmed before the Season 4 reunion show, MJ at one point made fun of GG along with Mike but then, with GG beside her, criticized Mike for being a chauvinistic pig.

In her interview with Mike, MJ told him to not let GG run him out of the group. MJ was peeved that Mike didn't go to Thailand with the rest of the group.

"You were running and hiding from Golnesa, the bottom of the totem pole. Really? Since when are you going to run and hide from the runt of the group, the youngest girl? Who listens to Golnesa?!?! And all of a sudden you let her run your life? No!"
When the host pointed out that MJ listened to GG when it came to the lie detector stuff, MJ said that listening doesn't necessarily mean agreeing.
"Listened?! I was there for moral support. Everybody needs somebody to be there for them when they're going through something but that doesn't mean that I don't have, you know, my POV. And that means point of view."
When Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's claim that Mike Shouhed tried to have sex with her during the group's trip to Turkey last season was brought up, Mercedes "MJ" Javid seems to believe that something did happen, but that Mike should just cop to it.
"I wasn't in the room. I don't know if it happened. I don't know what happened. I hear different versions... Listen, we've all f**ked up, nobody's perfect and who gives a s**t. I want to just be like, if something happened or not, just don't leave, don't abandon us... We want Mike. We want the same Mike... Mike has to be super honest. You have to admit, you have to admit that like, you know, your d**k's a little, you know, it's wiggly and loose and it likes to swing around and you like to swing it."
Their interview together ended with Mike saying that he wouldn't try anything with GG because she looks like a "shriveled prune." "Like a nine-year-old Thai boy," added MJ.

In another interview, this time with GG sitting besides her, MJ slammed Mike for disrespecting GG and women in general. When asked if she has personally seen Mike disrespecting GG, MJ said that she has.

"You know, he thinks that he can can chalk it up to, 'My little sister...' F**k you! Be accountable! You know she's a f**king grown up woman, so am I. He talks s**t about both of us... Mike is very chauvinistic and very sexist and he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He's got about three a**holes and about each one of them has 19 opinions but he doesn't know which one to stick to. So f**k yeah I've been there when he's disrespected her. Her reaction is a long time coming."
Will viewers see Mercedes "MJ" Javid standing behind Mike Shouhed or Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi at the Shahs After Sunset Season 4 reunion show? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, GG claimed in a recent interview that footage came out during the reunion show that proved her claim against Mike true.

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