'Destiny' Iron Banner 8.0: What You Need To Know

The eighth Iron Banner for Destiny and the first event since the release of House of Wolves is now live for PlayStation and Xbox owners. The latest edition of the multiplayer event comes with the most significant changes since the release of The Dark Below.

As Bungie noted in last week's Weekly Update, the Glimmer cost for rewards has been reduced to lessen the grind. Additionally, more maps have been added along with Etheric Light as a possible reward.

Another interesting change is that lower-ranked Guardians on your account will receive a reputation boost for those that want to run multiple Guardians through the Iron Banner. How much of a boost remains to be seen, though, and this article will be updated as soon as it is learned.

When Does It Run?

This Iron Banner event started Tuesday, June 2, at 1 p.m. ET and will last until Tuesday, June 9 at the weekly reset, which usually occurs at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT.

What Modes And Maps Are Supported?

As before, the only game mode available in Iron Banner is Control. Bungie currently has the following maps in rotation.
  • Asylum
  • The Anomaly
  • Blind Watch
  • The Burning Shrine
  • The Cauldron (New)
  • Exodus Blue (New, PS Only)
  • Firebase Delphi
  • First Light
  • Pantheon (New)
  • Rusted Lands
  • Shores of Time
  • Twilight Gap
Previous patches have changed the weighting of these around so that combined with a greater number of maps, there will be fewer repeats.

Destiny Iron Banner Power (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, XBox 360)

Does Gear And Level Still Matter?

Yes. You need to be at least level 20 to get into the Iron Banner, or have a level 20 fireteam leader bring you along for the ride. Realistically, you can expect to see many level 33 and 34 players since the addition of The House of Wolves.

You need to be within four light levels of another player to do any real damage with the release of House of Wolves, per an update from multiplayer designer Derek Carroll. The weapon attack level counts, too, so bring your most powerful weapons and armor.

Is Dark Below Or House of Wolves Required?

No, The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions are not required. The Dark Below maps have been added for free to everyone, and the House of Wolves maps are not used in Iron Banner.

Your Standing Has Been Reset?

Yes. All players start each Iron Banner event with their reputation at zero. You max out at level five.

Iron Banner Ranks

You start out at rank 0 and should be able to quickly reach rank 1 after the first win. The climb to the max rank is a bit steeper, but still obtainable thanks to all the buffs.
IB RankReputation Points Needed
1100 rep points
21200 rep points
32400 rep points
42400 rep points
52400 rep points

Equip Your Iron Banner Items

If you still have the Iron Banner emblem, shader, and class item, go ahead and equip them. Each gives a 10 percent experience and reputation boost, and they do stack with each other for the possibility of a 30 percent total bonus. If you don't have any Iron Banner items yet, purchase the Sigil of the Iron Lords emblem from Lord Saladin as soon as you reach rank one so that you can get the bonus experience and reputation points.

Note that the class items being sold are all new with this Iron Banner and feature new designs over past Iron Banners. The emblems and armor shaders remain the same, however.

NameTypeCostIB Rank
Sigil of the Iron LordsEmblem1000 Glimmer1
Million MillionArmor Shader1000 Glimmer2
Scar of RadegastEmblem1000 Glimmer3
Silmar's Iron ShashTitan Class Item2000 Glimmer4
Mantle of PerunHunter Class Item2000 Glimmer4
Felwinter's Iron BondWarlock Class Item2000 Glimmer4
GoldspiralArmor Shader5000 Glimmer5

Purchase The Tempered Buff

Lord Saladin sells a Tempered Buff for one Mote of Lite. The buff lasts for 12 hours and gives an experience and reputation boost in Iron Banner. As the week progresses, the boost will increase. Additionally, a new buff can be purchased every 12 hours.

Here's the progression that the Tempered Buff should follow, based on the last Iron Banner.

  • Tuesday: +10 percent
  • Wednesday: +15 percent
  • Thursday: +25 percent
  • Friday: +40 percent
  • Saturday: +60 percent
  • Sunday: +100 percent
  • Monday: +150 percent

Etheric Light

Etheric Light is being sold by Lord Saladin for the first time so that players can ascend their gear to the new 42 light level for armor and 365 attack level for weapons. One Etheric Light can be purchased for 5,000 Glimmer when they reach Iron Banner Rank 3, and another when Iron Banner Rank 5 is achieved. With up to three Guardians per account, that's the potential of gaining six Etheric Light during the week.

Iron Banner Weapons

Iron Banner features weapons that start at the 331 attack level and can be upgraded to the new 365 attack level with Etheric Light. This time around, Lord Saladin is selling the Gheleon's Demise Scout Rifle and Perun's Fire Fusion Rifle.

Gheleon's Demise comes with the "Full Auto" and "Third Eye" perk already rolled, so it may not be something you would want to re-roll. Meanwhile, Perun's Fire comes with the "Hidden Hand" and "Rangefinder" perks, plus Arc elemental damage.

Perks for both, including the elemental damage for the Fusion Rifle, can be re-rolled using Motes of Light with Lord Saladin to something that you prefer.

NameTypeMax AttackCostIB Rank
Gheleon's DemiseScout Rifle3657,000 G4
Perun's FireFusion Rifle3657,000 G5
Note that you also have a chance to receive the Timur's Lash Hand Cannon and Efrideet's Spear Sniper Rifle as drops in Iron Banner after you reach the third rank.

Iron Banner Armor

Here is the armor that is being sold by Lord Saladin. Note that they all start at light level 36. However, they can be ascended to light level 42 with Etheric Light. That means they will help you get to the current max light level of 34 in Destiny.

The armor being sold this week is all new compared to past Iron Banners. They are new "Iron Breed" models versus the past "Iron Regalia" offerings.

Note that you should not break down any of these armor items, as you will not receive Shards or any other additional material.

NameClassMax LightIB RankGlimmer
Iron BreedGreavesTitan4235,000
Iron Breed BootsHunter4235,000
Iron Breed BootsWarlock4235,000
Iron Breed GauntletsTitan4245,000
Iron Breed SleevesHunter4245,000
Iron Breed GlovesWarlock4245,000


Iron Banner Bounties

The daily bounties for Iron Banner have changed from the previous event. The most notable of the changes is that "The Chaos and the Calm" now asks for 15 Guardian kills with Heavy Weapons, versus 10 headshot kills with the Machine Gun. There are also new bounties in "An Iron Grip" and "Heavy Metal."

Bounties are given by Lord Saladin and returned to him as well. Be sure to have the Tempered Buff active when turning them in.

Remember that Crucible bounties can be completed in Iron Banner too. So, you'll want to pick those up to advance your reputation with the different factions (as long as you equip their class item) and gain additional experience.

Bounty NameDescriptionIB RepExperience
Hard ForgedEarn 10,000 XP while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.+100+5,000
Iron EmbraceDefeat 10 Guardians with a close quarters Melee attack while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5,000
Iron WrathDefeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.+200+10,000
An Iron GripParticipate in the capture of 15 Control zones in the Iron Banner tournament.+100+5,000
The Chaos and the CalmDefeat 15 Guardians with Heavy Weapons while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5,000
Heavy MetalEarn 3 Machine Gun sprees while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5,000
Tip: Complete the Weekly Nightfall first for an even greater experience boost for the Crucible bounties. The Nightfall boost will not help Iron Banner reputation, though.

Destiny Iron Banner Reforging (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


You can reforge your Iron Banner weapons with the Gunsmith in the Tower to get better stats and perks in exchange for Motes of Light. Note, though, that this will not increase the item's light level or attack level. It will also reset the progress of the weapon.

Lord Saladin will no longer be offering reforging services.

Iron Medallions

You will receive an Iron Medallion for each match you lose in Iron Banner. You can carry up to five at a time in your inventory. These will be redeemed automatically after your next win for Iron Banner reputation.

If you still have Medallions left over after Iron Banner ends, hold on to them. They can still be redeemed when the next event rolls around.

Good Luck!

Do you have any Iron Banner tips you want to share? Please post them in the comments below!

[Images via Bungie]