John Collett Murderer: Kim Richards' Ex-Fiance's Mother Speaks, Refuses To Forgive Killer After His Apology

John Collett's mother is not yet ready to forgive the man who took his life. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Marva DeCarlo Johnson, who murdered John Collett in 1991, recently issued an apology to the family of Collett, as well as his then-fiance, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kim Richards. In the apology, shared by Radar Online, Johnson claimed to have accepted responsibility for John Collett's murder.

"I accept full responsibility of my criminal behavior. For the past several years, I have dedicated my time [to] overturning the negative side of my past with positive achievements, and so far I have accomplished all my objectives. It is not been easy, especially by being in this situation."
Although John Collett's murderer claims to want forgiveness, his victim's mother, Jan Collett, doesn't believe he deserves it. During a Radar Online interview on June 2, Ms. Collett explained why she felt Johnson is still lying about what happened between him and her son.
"He never confessed who the person was who hired him. If he's going to be paroled, he's to be back in same situation. It's very dangerous because he has never confessed who hired him to kill my son and these other people. If he were to confess everything that is a different situation."
When John Collett was murdered, he was engaged to Kim Richards and planning to wed. Sadly, Johnson gunned him down in a deli in the San Fernando Valley just prior to their big day. Needless to say, Richards was left devastated, and during an appearance on Dr. Phil, said she doesn't go a day without thinking of her deceased fiance.

Continuing on to Radar Online, John Collett's mother said she would only accept Johnson's apology if he was completely honest about the situation involving John Collett.

"I would accept an apology from him, but not when he's lying through teeth about events that happened. If a person does that it's very difficult for me to accept any kind of apology when paired with lying."
According to John Collett's mother, Johnson has no conscience, and he doesn't appear to regret what he did over 20 years ago.

John Collett's murderer claims he was acting in self-defense and alleged Collett had a gun on him. However, it does not appear a weapon was found on the body. Johnson also reportedly changed his story at least once during questioning after the murder.

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