WWE News: Huge Update On Samoa Joe Signing A Full-Time Contract With WWE, Set To Be NXT Champion Soon?

Former TNA star Samoa Joe has made a major impact since debuting in WWE at a recent WWE NXT special. When the word got out that Samoa Joe worked a WWE Superstars taping last night before WWE RAW, many wondered what was going on. WWE having new workers on a Superstars taping isn't crazy, but usually they don't go over, and the match is never talked about.

He worked a match with Tyson Kidd that ended with Joe hitting his muscle buster move. The move appeared to land very hard, and Kidd either over-sold it or really got knocked for a good one. Kidd was apparently hurt in the match, and was holding his neck visibly upset after it ended. There is no update on his status as of yet, but this could prevent Samoa Joe from using this move in WWE now. It could have just been a random mistake that WWE will not overanalyze, though.

The match was said to be good and very fun by audience members. It felt like as soon as we heard this, we heard that Samoa Joe apparently signed a full-time deal with WWE.

PWTorch.com reported that Samoa Joe's merchandise sold massively well. Vince McMahon and Triple H were so impressed that they decided to go ahead and offer him a full-time deal. His deal beforehand had a clause that allowed WWE to make him full-time whenever they wanted. This was also probably done due to the Ring of Honor/Destination America deal that just went down this past week.

So between being impressed and not wanting him to work for anyone else for too much longer, WWE felt a full-time deal was needed quickly.

Samoa Joe will finish up any other commitments he has, then will report full-time to WWE. This probably means that Samoa Joe will become the next NXT Champion, since WWE needs Kevin Owens to drop it soon. He may also work a lot of dark matches and live events for WWE, as he'll need to work more and not just stick around for no reason at the WWE Performance Center for development. His contract is quite steep, so WWE needs to make the most of it.

So, seeing Samoa Joe work Superstars tapings will probably be a regular thing. However, he might start doing this more often whenever he is done with his other appearances. It looks like WWE is going to let him work the ROH taping he is set for, but he probably won't work many more televised events after that. WWE could always pull him from these, but it appears that they are letting him work them out of respect.

Samoa Joe being full-time with WWE probably means a main roster future is possible. When that will occur is yet to be known, but he got a great response in San Antonio last night and he is proving with merch money that he is well worth keeping for a long time. Both are quite impressive.

[IMG Credit: betweentheropes.com]