Steph Curry Asked To Stay Away From One Bay Area High School

Steph Curry is inarguably one of the most beloved athletes in the Bay Area. Despite that, there is one high school teacher who has gone out of his way to make sure Steph Curry knows he isn't invited to visit the teacher's school anytime soon. In a recent blog post, the teacher, Matt Amaral wrote that he hoped Curry wouldn't take offense, but he would like Steph to promise not to visit Mt. Eden High School in Hayward, California.

This isn't because Amaral isn't a sports fan, or hates Steph Curry. The teacher makes it very clear that he looks up to the athlete and loves the Golden State Warriors. It turns out that Amaral doesn't want Steph Curry to come visit the school because the teacher doesn't want his students to see the NBA MVP and decide they should also go after the dream of playing in professional basketball.

As Yahoo! reports, Amaral makes it clear he understands the dead-eye shooter is someone who does things for the community all the time saying, "When you get involved in soup kitchens, wrap Christmas presents for needy kids, and build homes for the homeless I am inspired. But where those kinds of civic-minded activities have clear benefits, I have to tell you something you probably haven't heard: Coming to poor high schools like mine isn't going to help any of these kids out, in fact, it might make things worse."

It should be pointed out that neither Steph Curry or the NBA has any plans to send the player to the school. It seems instead this blog post was a screed that was meant to want Steph Curry off but also show how he feels when he has to dash the hopes of his students, because everyone else isn't telling them what they need to hear.

"Because the worst thing you won't tell them Steph, is that they can't do it. You won't tell them that will you? You won't be able to bring yourself to tell them it is already too late."
Amaral included in his blog post. It should be pointed out that Curry likely wouldn't tell them that, because no high school kid wants to be told by their hero that they aren't going to achieve their dreams. On the other hand, the teach might have a point. Some dreams are unattainable and reaching for them can lead to adject failure. What do you think of the letter to Steph Curry?

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]