Tony Harris Campaigns For 'Bachelor' With Support Of Kaitlyn Bristowe

Viewers saw Tony Harris, known as Tony the Healer, take himself out of the running for Kaitlyn Bristowe on Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette, but that may not be the last time that the franchise's viewers will see of him. After watching the episode, Tony posted a video in which he wished the other guys and Kaitlyn well and promised that people will see more of him.

Wearing a T-shirt with the slogan, "Will you accept this rose," Tony reflected on his time at the mansion.

"Hey everybody it's Tony. Just got done watching the episode, The Bachelorette. Wanted to thank everybody for the opportunity. Truly went in with the best of intentions, not only for myself but for everyone else. Obviously it didn't work out that way. So wish everybody else on the show the best of luck, and Kaitlyn also. You all deserve everything that is in your future. So again just wanted to say thanks. Stay tuned. Cause this is not the last that you'll see of me. This love revolution has only begun."
Will viewers see Tony on the upcoming Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise? Tony said that he hasn't been given the opportunity. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the franchise's creator and producer, Mike Fleiss, tweeted a few days ago that the cast details for Season 2 of the spin-off show will be announced soon.
Tony quit the show when he became fed up with the violence of the group sumo date. In a tweet, Tony revealed that he got injured from the day.
Despite The Bachelorette not working out for him, Tony still believes in the process. He actually wants to be the next star of The Bachelor.
One person who would love to see Tony Harris, Tony the Healer, as the next Bachelor is Kaitlyn Bristowe. She joined the campaign to have Tony handing out the red roses.
Before she joined the Tony for Bachelor movement, Kaitlyn posted some tweets that poked a bit of fun at Tony. First, she apologized for taking him away from his bonsai tree.
She admitted it was hard to take Tony seriously during their conversation due to his sumo outfit.
She then posted a tweet that pointed out Tony's hypocrisy for professing to be all about love and peace but being so angry about the date.
She also poked fun at Tony's suggestion that they all should've went to the zoo instead. "Why can't we just go to the zoo and compare who can do the best elephant sounds?" he asked.
In his Yahoo blog post that recapped the latest episode, The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison admitted that he found Tony quite interesting.
"I have to give it up to the guys for being brave enough to let it all hang out and really go for it on this date. The only one that really had a problem with this was Tony. So yes, Tony is an interesting cat. My favorite Tony moments this week were when he told Kaitlyn he views the world through the eyes of a child, has the heart of a warrior, and the spirit of the gypsy. I'm not real sure what most of that means, but that's okay. This just wasn't Tony's cup of tea, so he packed his bags and left."
In her latest People blog post, Kaitlyn Bristowe said she wasn't surprised Tony Harris, Tony the Healer, left.
"As for the date itself, my intention was to just have some fun. At no time did I think things would ever get violent. It was supposed to be about laughing at yourself in a man diaper, having a blast and practicing the art of sumo. I understood Tony's point about violence – and, sure, a nice nature walk is a lovely way to fall in love – but love is also about having fun and trying new things. Loosen up, Tony! Even I got out there and went up against Yama. Piece of cake. Don't underestimate my size. I kick crazy sumo butt... Seeing Tony standing there that night didn't surprise me. I think it was best he left because I wanted to focus on the guys that wanted to be there, and I was just excited to spend more time with the awesome group of guys I had left."
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