Toddler Removed: Smoking, Drug Use Causes Parents To Lose Custody Of Toddler

A toddler was removed from his smoking parents -- who were also abusing drugs -- after a judge ruled that his living conditions were unsafe. According to Metro, the 2-year-old English boy was living in a "cloud of smoke," and was already having health issues from breathing in unclean air. He needed an inhaler to help him breathe, and was continuously subjected to an unhealthy environment.

Health care professionals were hired to go into the home, and to report back to the judge with their findings.

"On entering the living room Ms Allen described being able to see a visible cloud of smoke surrounding the father and (the boy). (The boy) was asleep on the sofa and had been unwell for some time by this point," said Judge Louise Pemberton.

The toddler was removed after the smoking was said to be too much for him. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this decision was very hard for the judge, who decided that the young boy be adopted by a new family. She ultimately wanted the innocent boy to be able to thrive, and to live a life that was better for him. Since his parents were unable to properly care for him (since they could barely care for themselves), this was the best option in the judge's opinion.

"I am afraid that all of these matters lead me to an unavoidable and difficult conclusion that the risks to (the child) in being placed with his parents are far too high. I want (him) to know that in my judgment his parents loved him very much and tried very hard but they were simply not able to meet his needs," Judge Pemberton said.

The toddler removed from his smoking, drug using parents was often neglected, as well. The New York Daily News reports that there was a lot more going on in the home that made it unsafe for the boy.

"The child's father had also tested positive for cocaine and is undergoing therapy for mental health issues, the newspaper reported. Case workers also expressed concerns related to domestic violence, lack of supervision for the boy and failure to provide him with adequate food."
It is unknown if the couple had any more children, or if they will be facing any charges. The boy's mother tried to deny that her home was unclean, later admitting that it was "smoky" on occasion.

Do you think the judge made the best decision in this case?

[Photo by Graeme Robertson / Getty Images]