Dwayne Johnson Thanks 'San Andreas' Fans With Written Note

Actor Dwayne Johnson found a creative and clever way to thank the people that helped make his newest film, San Andreas, a major box-office hit last weekend.

He posted an Instagram photo of himself holding a simple note in front of the camera Sunday.

Dwayne Johnson San Andreas

However, the particular method that The Rock chose to use might seem a little confusing - especially at first glance. Fortunately, Dwayne did not hesitate to provide a detailed, thorough explanation in his lengthy caption.

Dwayne Johnson starts off by mentioning that San Andreas was the No. 1 movie in the country and worldwide. With over $54 million from the United States and $60 million overseas, Box Office Mojo confirms that the Brad Peyton-directed film generated over $114.58 million at the box office worldwide in its opening weekend.

According to Dwayne's Instagram caption, though, the success of San Andreas came from the "most powerful voices on the planet" - the fans. Johnson further explains why San Andreas was originally considered the underdog film on the summer movie list.
"We weren't a big franchise, not a huge Marvel movie, not based off a popular book or a Disney attraction. We're a movie about an LAFD helicopter pilot on the verge of divorce and struggling to maintain a good relationship with his daughter - when the largest earthquake of all time hits the state of California."
On the note that Dwayne Johnson is holding in his Instagram picture, it shows that the official CinemaScore for San Andreas was an "A-."

What exactly does that mean? According to Dwayne's explanation, the score equates to blockbuster success for the film based on the audience's reaction to the movie on its opening night. Since "people truly love the film," based on the CinemaScore, Dwayne believes that "it'll have long success at the box office."

The WWE star-turned-action movie star concluded his lengthy message by praising the "powerful voices" of the fans once again while also poking a little fun at himself along the way.

"This silly photo of some tattooed bald dude holding a piece of paper with scribble on it is a recognition of gratitude for the most powerful voices in the world - not the movie studios, not the filmmakers, not the movie stars or certainly not the critics - but yours, the fans. THANK YOU. And thank y'all for enjoyin' the epic ride that's #SanAndreas."
With the blockbuster success of Furious 7 and the long-term box-office potential of his most recent hit, San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson could lock down two of the biggest box-office hits of the year. With the premiere of his new HBO series Ballers coming up on June 21, it looks like Dwayne might be having a great summer on the small screen as well.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]