Chris Brown pleads not guilty in Rihanna assault case

Chris Brown has pleaded not guilty to charges that he assaulted and made criminal threats to Rihanna.

After Brown entered his not guilty plea, he lawyer Mark Geragos told the judge that the defense was awaiting a review of more evidence from the prosecution. What that evidence is was not made clear.

Rihanna was not required to be in court, and was represented by her attorney Donald Etra. On speculation that Rihanna might refuse to testify, Etra told the media “Nothing’s changed with regard to Rihanna’s stance toward this case … She will testify if subpoenaed and will do everything that’s required of her to do.”

According to People, legal experts suggest the case will likely end with Brown accepting a plea deal on lesser charges, with anywhere from a jail sentence of 30 to 180 days in addition to three to five years of probation.

I may be no legal expert, but given the photographic evidence, it’s staggering how he can seriously plead not guilt, unless of course he’s playing for lesser charges as part of a deal.