Apple Praised For Incredible Customer Service: What About Microsoft?

In the past week, there have been many articles produced on Apple‘s amazing customer service. BGR believes Apple’s customer service is their “secret weapon.”

“Over the last 14 years, Apple has elevated customer service into a science. Today, the company stands shoulders above the competition when it comes to alleviating the stresses that accompany a faulty tech product.”

Anybody who has ever had a defective MacBook, iPhone, or even iPad knows that there is an Apple Store retail location close to where they live. Usually, Apple will either fix or even exchange the product. There have been stories of people with broken iPhone screens who go in and come out with a replacement.

Consumer Reports also reveals just how satisfied Apple customers are with their customer service.

“Apple tech support is by far the most effective of any computer brand’s. With most Windows PCs, there’s only a 50-50 chance that a manufacturer’s tech support will do the trick.”

Actually, that’s what more than 3,200 computer owners told Consumer Reports when they were surveyed earlier this year. Besides physical retail store satisfaction, four out of five consumers say Apple’s phone and online support is top-notch. Perhaps this is why some people buy Apple products, even though other products by other companies may have some better features.

Where does all this leave Apple’s main competitor, Microsoft? Actually, even if they aren’t the main subject of Consumer Reports articles, there are a lot of very satisfied Microsoft Store customers all over the Internet. The Microsoft Store at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles gets particularly good marks from consumers.

“Best experience I’ve ever had at a tech store. Fast service and super nice people. Will go out of my way to come here again. Not too many Microsoft stores around, so it’s always a trip going to one, but top notch service goes a long way,” writes Yelp user Ben S.

“I always have a great experience whenever I visit this store, but today’s experience was the best. A salesperson named Chris really helped me. I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 screen cover and he did everything possible to make sure the screen was clean before he put the cover on,” wrote user Truman B.

The Microsoft Store has obviously modeled itself on Apple’s successful retail chain. When you walk in, you have at least two people greet you. If you have a question, you can bet it will be answered by someone. Like the Apple Store, most employees at the Microsoft Store have advanced knowledge of the products. Both Apple and Microsoft get thumbs up for proving you can make excellent profits by being extra nice to customers.

[Photo by John Moore / Getty Images]