Body Of Woman Found In Suitcase, Death In Tokyo Train Station A Mystery

A body of a woman found in a suitcase at a Tokyo train station has police puzzled as to what caused her death.

A worker at the station was unpleasantly surprised when he opened an abandoned suitcase, that had been left at the station for over a month, and found an elderly woman’s decomposed body stuffed inside.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said the body, found in a suitcase, had been left in a temporary storage area at Japan’s Tokyo station. They noted that the woman stands 4-feet, 7-inches tall, but they have not yet identified her, Fox News reports. The employee discovered the body at the coin-operated locker service at JR Tokyo Station in the city’s Chiyoda Ward.

“There was an abnormal odor and he saw hair,” said Chiemi Sugimoto, a spokesman for JR Tokyo Retail Net, the company that operates the lockers, according to CNN. “We were surprised and horrified,” he said.

body found in suitcase at Tokyo train station
Lockers where the elderly woman's body was discovered in a suitcase

According to a report, the suitcase was opened nearly a month after the staff had noticed it hadn’t been claimed. The bag, which was bright yellow, was 70 cm high, 50 cm wide and 25 cm thick (approximately 27 by 20, by 10 inches). The woman is believed to be between 70 to 90 years old, and had no apparent external signs of injury. The police are trying to determine her cause of death, and are reviewing CCTV footage from around the station.

The station said it is normal practice to hold on to the luggage for at least a month in hopes that it will be claimed by its owner. JR Tokyo station is one of the busiest train stations in Japan, with more than 3,000 trains passing through it daily.

Earlier this month, NBC reported that a 28-year-old disabled woman was found in a suitcase in her mother’s San Diego apartment.

According to the Inquisitr, the body could have been there for more than two years.

“New York Daily News reported that the woman’s body was discovered when deputies went to the apartment to serve an eviction notice on Bonnie MacBeth, the dead woman’s mother. That’s when the mother told the deputies about the suitcase that contained Brooke MacBeth’s body, which was wrapped in the trash bags, stuffed inside a suitcase, and sealed with duct tape.

Authorities found out that Brooke had the mental capacity of a two-year-old, had a history of infant seizures and cerebral palsy, and had always required full-time care. After Brooke died, her mother never reported the death.

Bonnie said she found her daughter dead in her bedroom, but she couldn’t remember if she had died six months, 18 months, or two years earlier.”

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