Raven Goodwin Kicked Out Of Atlanta Waffle House, Gets Called A 'Fat B***h'

Disney star Raven Goodwin was kicked out of an Atlanta area Waffle House Saturday night after getting into a kerfuffle with another customer over a table dispute, Yahoo News is reporting.

The Good Luck Charlie star was at a table waiting for some friends, when she saw a group at a nearby table that looked like they were going to leave. Figuring that that table would be great for her group, Raven asked if she could have it. However, the group at the other table was taking their time in leaving -- too long, apparently, for Goodwin.

Somehow, the fight moved to the bathroom, and that's when things escalated, according to TMZ. The other customer called Raven a "fat b***h", and Raven told the other customer that she was broke and needed go make some money.

Waffle House employees jumped into action and kicked both Raven and the other customer out.

Another customer captured video of the incident on their cell phone.

Since Good Luck Charlie came to an end in 2014, Goodwin has made a name for herself as Niecy on the BET series Being Mary Jane. Raven has put aside the juvenile shenanigans of her previous job for a dramatic role as a teen mom. AV Club critic Ryan McGee raves about Goodwin's performance as Niecy, as well as the show's tendency to tackle weighty issues, from the difficulties facing black families to war crimes in Africa.

"The one family member that did stand out was Niecy, Mary Jane's niece... In the midst of more traditional family-based conflicts, Being Mary Jane features an African-American woman and a Hispan [sic] woman discussing the politics of producing stories about female rape in Zimbabwe and female body issues derived from cultural perceptions about skin tone... Making the show overtly preachy will more than likely turn it into BET's version of The Newsroom. But a news story about body image that dovetails with Niecy's own fears of abandonment by the father of her second child? That seems like a win-win for the show going forth."
As of this post, Goodwin has not commented publicly on getting kicked out of a Waffle House; both her Instangram account and her Twitter feed make no mention of the incident.

It is not clear if Raven Goodwin will face any criminal charges for the incident.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Joe Scarnici]