Black Ring Floating In Sky Scares Locals – An Eerie Smoke Ring Hovering In Sky Is Not A Signal From Aliens

A black ring hovered above an Argentinian town, scaring locals. The ring appeared for a few moments before vanishing. Though many thought it was the presence of aliens in the vicinity that caused the ring to appear, there’s a rather painfully simple explanation for this strange phenomenon.

On 25th May, on a clear late afternoon sky, an eerie black ring of cloud appeared over the town of Tigre in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina. Though it remained for less than a minute, it stumped the locals and many said they were transfixed by its hypnotic appearance. While the ring certainly didn’t look natural, it wasn’t the aliens who left it there. The black ring of smoke was a byproduct of zombie-themed fireworks.


Apparently, the smoke ring was caused by a fireworks display that was let off during a performance at the nearby Parque de la Costa amusement park. The pyrotechnics were part of a performance, creatively labeled “Zombie Invasion.” The black ring was executed with precision using sophisticated machines and expertly timed fireworks. The black smoke ring was starkly visible, owing to the ideal weather conditions and to the rather menacing looking flat, greyish background of rainclouds.

Perhaps the remarkable method could be an ideal way to signal neighboring towns and villages if a zombie invasion, which has begun popping up in isolated incidents, does happen in the near future. If all communication platforms fail, smoke rings, like the ones commonly used by aboriginals or native Red Indians to communicate over great distances, may warn villagers to take necessary evasive actions.


Though the black smoke ring hovering in the sky way above the tree-lines and buildings might seem weird, it is fairly common. A smoke ring measuring about 100 meters in diameter was seen almost 2 km above the ground in Kazakhstan last April. Investigations revealed it was caused by a factory nearby. Last year, a similar black ring caused commotion when British schoolgirl Georgina Heap recorded video of the phenomenon on her smartphone. The “Black Ring of Leamington Spa” was the results of fireworks that were being secretly tested at nearby Warwick Castle.

If the weather conditions are ideal and the wind isn’t moving much, such black rings, comprising of thick smoke mixed with soot, can hover for quite some time. Though the one over the Argentinian town lasted only for a minute, it caused many-a-folk to look up in the early evening sky with wonder.

[Image Credit: YouTube Screen Grab]