Disney Pulls Plug On ‘Tron 3’: Mixed Reactions As Angry Fans Tweeted Their Responses

As Disney pulls plug on Tron 3, fans responded on Twitter with their reactions to the cancellation of making the film, while others tweeted their indifference to the cancellation. One tweeter even blamed President Obama for the cancellation of the latest installment in the Tron series.

Others were less flattering in their remarks. Disney had previously made a second installment to Tron called Tron Legacy, 28 years after the original film. Jeff Bridges reprised his original roles in the film as Kevin Flinn and Clu.

One of the most interesting remarks came from a young woman who tweeted about another movie Disney had in the works called The Princess of North Sudan. In that movie, an American family moves to Sudan, buys land, and declares themselves royalty. To date, the only animated film Disney made about Africa was the Lion King, and there were no Africans in that movie, only animals.

The Princess of North Sudan began with the real life story of Virginia farmer, Jeremiah Heaton, who took his daughter Emily to Africa to make her real life dream of becoming a princess come true. Heaton flew to Africa with his daughter to plant a flag in a remote corner of Egypt.

The original Tron, released in 1982, became a cult classic. The second installment in the series, Tron Legacy, grossed over $400 million at the box office, with a domestic gross of $172 million. It cost about $170 million to make the film. With box office numbers like these, it is unclear as to why Disney pulled the plug on Tron 3. They did announce that the movie had never been officially given the green light for a remake, although the movie had been in development for months, according to CNN.

As reported previously in Inquisitr, this is the latest in a series of movies where Disney pulls the plug on a high performance, low potential franchise.

A petition is underway to revive the Tron 3 movie since Disney pulled the plug.

What do you think as Disney pulls plug on Tron 3? Would you like to see another Tron movie?

[Photo Credit Comic Book Resources]