Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Family Preparing To Take Bobbi Off Life Support, Murder Charges Could Be Coming For Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown has still not regained consciousness some four months after being found unresponsive in her bathtub, and now rumors are circulating that family members are finally ready to say goodbye and that her boyfriend could face murder charges for the death.

Brown has been through a series of hospitals since being found in late January. Throughout that time, there have been ongoing reports that family members were getting ready to take her off life support, though her father, Bobby Brown, has reportedly been reluctant.

Now, rumors are also circulating that Bobbi Kristina Brown may not have suffered an accident at all. Many outlets are reporting that investigators are looking into murder charges against Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s boyfriend.

Reality TV Magazine reported that the reluctance to take Bobbi off life support could be related to suspicious that Gordon may have caused Brown’s collapse somehow.

“But, Brown’s family has not budged on their decision to keep Gordon away from Brown, which leads us to believe there is something more going on. And previously, reports surfaced claiming that the family thought perhaps Gordon had a hand in what happened to Brown, and if the latest rumors are true, he very well had the motive for hurting her. In fact, according to a new report from Enstarz, Brown was seeing another man, and coincidentally, the night before her drowning, happened to be the same night that Gordon found out about it. Yeah, doesn’t sound so coincidental now, does it?

That just proves that Gordon had a motive to try and murder his girlfriend, if in fact, these rumors are true.”

Amid the allegations, Gordon has been trying hard not to make waves by keeping away from Bobbi Kristina Brown.

“Despite his strong desire to see Bobbi Kristina, Nick has respected the families’ wishes for over three months and has refrained from visiting or from pursuing access to her through the courts,” Nick said through his attorney. “He has asked through counsel many times privately and now asks both the Browns and the Houstons, please let him see her.”

But there are no clear reports that Nick Gordon is suspected of murdering Bobbi Kristina Brown, and many of the gossip outlets reporting on its lack of sources. There are also conflicting reports on whether family members are really planning to pull the plug. A source close to the family said her father Bobby Brown would never entertain that thought, and is actually upset at the ongoing rumors as they take attention away from thoughts and prayers for her recovery.

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