Are You A Judgmental Tree Frog Or A Gym Rat? Pet Store Prankster Replaces Labels As A Joke [Photos]

Pet owners looking for a “judgmental tree frog” literally have one source for their eclectic tastes. No, none of these pets were listed as edible, although the creeper’s python probably won’t be liking that. The “gym rat,” on the other hand, will probably sigh in relief.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, after a Komodo dragon bit a zoo worker the wound would not stop bleeding, and they had to rush the woman to the hospital.

The photos we see here claim to be from a pet shop where some clever prankster switched out the labels as part of a joke. Perhaps it is a Photoshop job, but either way it makes for a fairly entertaining gag.

If you look closely, the genus species names are a nod to the Roadrunner cartoon series where Wile E. Coyote (aka Eatibus Anythingus) was always named in an amusing fashion. For example, Baby Godzilla lizard is listed as Godillus Infantes and its adult size is listed as 350 feet in addition to a lifespan of millions of years. Of course, what Baby Godzilla lizard really loves to do is climb and destroy small towns. The prospective owner is warned that the future Godzilla “may server as powerful ally for either world peace or world domination,” although its atomic breath is also awesome for toasting marshmallows.

The fan favorites seem to be the Judgmental Tree Frog, which is listed as constantly judging your life choices in addition to asking, “When are you getting married? Seriously, an art degree?” Prospective owners should probably not have any visible tattoos.

There’s also the Fieri Hamster, which has spiky hair for one obvious reason. Unfortunately, pet owners will need to have a personality to fit this one, since you will need to attract it with flame-covered clothing. Oh, don’t forget to provide the hot wings and mozza sticks.

At the end of the line is the Regular Boring Normal Turtle. As you might guess, this pet is fairly standard since it’s not teenage, not mutant, not ninja, and it simply can’t fight crime. But we’re sure it can find a nice toasty rock in the middle of a pond to dominate.