PS4 ‘Until Dawn’ Finally Gets Cast, Release Date: Seriously, It’s About Time

Until Dawn has been a game on the Inquisitr radar for quite some time.

See, there are a lot of slasher movie fans around these parts, and the “choose your own adventure”-styled game scratches that type of fan right where they itch.

This particular PS4 game has been generating buzz since yours truly first reported on it in December, 2014, and I was admittedly late to the party.

Now Fangoria has shared that you can expect to see Until Dawn turn up on store shelves starting Aug. 25, 2015. But that’s just a small part of why you should be excited for this game.

Another? It features a star-studded cast, as the horror news site reveals.

“Hayden Panettiere (SCREAM 4), Peter Stormare (THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK), Brett Dalton (MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.), Rami Malek (DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS), Meaghan Martin (REVENGE), Nichole Bloom (TEEN WOLF), Galadriel Stineman (BONES), Noah Fleiss (BRICK) and [Larry] Fessenden.”

The story follows eight friends who become trapped on a remote mountain getaway. Things quickly turn sinister and they start to suspect they’re not alone, which is confirmed as the masked villain makes himself known. The cool thing about this is that the decisions of each character, no matter how large or small, affect the outcome of the game as a whole.

In other words, you don’t get the same experience every time you sit down to play, and the possibilities are more numerous than most games with similar AI, as you can see from the walkthrough.

You’re in a position where you have to make snap decisions, and any one of them could either spare your life or get you sawed in two.

This captures enough of the old Friday the 13th movie fun that I’ll be one of the first in line on release day. Until now, no one was sure of when that would be, but thankfully we can all start saving up our pennies for a release that will be here just in time for Halloween.

If you’ve yet to see how cool this game looks, here is a trailer and a walkthrough to get your blood pumping.

Are you ready for the PS4’s Until Dawn? What horror games do you think are the best currently available? Give your pick and the system, if you don’t mind. I’ve got some catching up to do.

[Image via Sony, linked above]