Josh Duggar Incest Joke From ’19 Kids And Counting’ Is Now Pretty Creepy

A Josh Duggar incest joke from a past episode of 19 Kids and Counting is now being seen in a whole new context since it was revealed that the eldest of the 19 molested five underage girls — including four sisters — when he was 14-years-old.

A number of media sites have picked up the clip and ran with it, and it’s admittedly a lot creepier now knowing what we know.

In the segment, Duggar tells a story about himself and his siblings and jokes that “We chose Jana and John David. Why not? Have a double date. [Laughs.] We are from Arkansas, though.”

The last part about being “from Arkansas” refers to the age-old stereotype that people from the Natural State (and others in the southern U.S.) see nothing wrong with incest.

If this was Josh before the scandal broke, it would be easy to shrug off, but considering at the time he’d already committed the acts that are now being scrutinized by sites like Gawker and the rest of the web, it seems a lot worse.

It’s also tragic because Jana is the second eldest of the Duggar children and she was one of only five sisters alive at the time of the molestations. While it isn’t known whom Josh Duggar victimized, it is known that four of the five victims were his sisters. When the abuses occurred, Jana Duggar, now 25, would have been 12. She was followed by Jill, now 24 (11 at the time); Jessa, now 22 (nine at the time); Jinger, now 21 (eight at the time); and Joy-Anna, now 17 (four at the time).

See the Josh Duggar incest joke here for yourself.

As for the rest of the family, it was announced on Saturday by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (the family’s patriarch and matriarch) that they would be discussing the pain of what happened 12 years ago with Fox News‘s Megyn Kelly this week.

Despite the controversy, many Duggar fans are holding out hope that TLC will continue to air some form of Duggar family programming. Here’s just a sampling of the support the family is getting on their official Facebook page.

“Why is everyone getting so bent out of shape about this??” said Mikayla Anderson. “It was 12 years ago and he took the steps to change his life. Some people make mistakes!”

“I hope nobody ever holds things against me that I did when I was 15,” writes Josiah Henry. “I’m thankful for grace.”

“They never condoned it,” said Scott Bare. “In fact they went to the authorities themselves. They are condemning this sin right along with all the others… There are many sexual sins. These and homosexuality. The difference is they sought held [sic] for this vile sin. Others bathe in theirs.”

As for the Josh Duggar incest joke, do you find it more appalling knowing what you now know about this scandal? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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