Father Beats Son In Street After Finding Marijuana In His Home, Extreme Punishment Goes Viral [Video]

One father recently discovered his son had been smoking marijuana in their home. So, he decided to do something about it. However, his actions have left many wondering whether he disciplined or assaulted his son. Footage of their shocking physical altercation has gone viral.

On Sunday, May 31, a one-minute clip of a father beating his son was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. Based on the description for the video, the father has told his son repeatedly to refrain from smoking marijuana in the house. Since the boy refused to respect his father’s wishes, he was publicly humiliated and beaten in the street. The jaw-dropping fight quickly caught the attention of neighbors, who immediately pulled out cell phones to capture the attack on camera.

The shirtless father can be seen relentlessly punching his son in the face, chest, and back as the boy attempts to shield himself from the brutal blows. Even as the boy tries to walk away, the father follows him, and continues with the brutal beating. At one point in the video, the boy falls to the ground and the father can be heard demanding that his son get out of the house.

Apparently, onlookers were quite alarmed by the physical altercation because a man can be heard explaining how the man is related to the boy. A few seconds later the video abruptly ends.

**Warning: Video contains explicit language and graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.**

Although the father may have intended to simply teach his son a lesson, many viewers have found his brand of discipline quite disturbing. Physical force is not a new method of parenting. However, many insist the father in this video has taken that concept to an unprecedented extreme. Apparently, onlookers were also quite perplexed by the horrific scene, because the man in the background can be heard explaining that the shirtless man is, indeed, the boy’s father. Although most have argued that he took the punishment way too far, but of course there are some who have supported the father’s actions.

Here are some of the comments.

“Punching your own child in the face is a disgrace. Plain and simple.”

“If you think beating your child in public is “good parenting”, you’re a f**king idiot.”

“This might seem disturbing to some but this man probably worked his a** off to have this lil’ f**k smoking in the house while he’s suppose to be in school. Good jab dad I mean job good job.”

Do you think the father took the punishment too far? Share your thoughts.

[Image via WSHH Screen Capture]