‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Passcodes And Special Events: June 2015 Guide

Trainers have a lot to look forward to in Pokémon Shuffle this June. After the big update on May 27, Nintendo promises to deliver more event stages with different features and gameplay mechanics. The new stages and events are being added on top of existing limited-time events and challenges. To help players keep track of it all, the Inquisitr delivers another useful guide to Shuffle passcodes and more for the month of June.

Nintendo 3DS Poke =mon Shuffle Pikachu - Image courtesy Nintendo

Last Day: Bonus EXP Passcode Expires June 1

As posted in the May 2015 Pokémon Shuffle guide, only one passcode is currently known and it expires on June 1. If you have not already entered it, tap the notebook icon on the bottom right of the level select screen and enter the passcode 04482045. It gifts the player five of the “Exp. Points x 1.5” items. When the item is activated, it boosts the Exp. Points earned at the end of any stage by 50 percent.

Compete For Venusaurite

Until 5:00 UTC on June 8, players from across the globe can play the Mega Venusaur Competitive Stage. The top 20,000 players with the highest submitted scores earn a Venusaurite stone that will give Venusaur the ability to Mega Evolve. Venusaur can be caught in Expert Stage 7. Players outside of the top 20,000 get a jewel just for competing, so it’s worth giving it a try even if you are just a beginner.

The Daily Catch

Daily challenges have been refreshed with a new roster of Pokémon that will remain active until June 6. Weekdays at 6:00 UTC, players can try to catch Girafirig on Mondays, Kecleon on Tuesdays, Shuckle on Wednesdays, Relicanth on Thursdays, and Spiritomb on Fridays. Daily Shuffle challenges, special stages, competitions and more unlock after beating Stage 11. An internet connection is required and players must tap the “check in” button to receive access.

Get The Legendary Shaymin

In celebration of four million Pokémon Shuffle downloads worldwide, Shaymin has been added to the game. Until June 15 at 6:00 UTC, the Shaymin special stage is available in Shuffle for players to take on the cute and fluffy Grass-type Pokémon. Fire and Ground-types are super effective against it, so consider attacking Shaymin with Pokémon like Charmander, Charmeleon, Vulpix or Phanpy. Once caught, Shaymin comes with an Attack Power of 70 and the “Sleep Charm” skill, which is further described in detail by the official Pokémon Shuffle website.

“Shaymin’s skill is Sleep Charm. This skill can leave the foe asleep for three turns. The foe can’t create disruptions while asleep. What’s more, your Pokémon deal greater damage while the foe is asleep!”

Earn EXP With Victini

Type advantages are sometimes just not enough in Pokémon Shuffle to guarantee a win. Training your Pokémon and increasing their levels increases the overall damage dealt just like in the popular Nintendo 3DS games. Now appearing on weekends, the Victini Special Stage gives players the chance to quickly level-up whatever Pokémon are used to challenge the victory Pokémon. Victini can also be caught if defeated but it has a very low success rate. Saving coins for Great Balls is recommended. The official site also gives some additional advice for leveling-up Pokémon in the game.

“There are already some stages where you can get Exp. Points quite handily, such as Stage 21 with Buneary or Stage 130 with Ampharos, but Victini’s stage is easy enough even for beginners, so everyone can really rack up those Exp. Points!”

Don’t Forget Meowth’s Coin Mania

Meowth’s Coin Mania returns to Pokémon Shuffle on the weekends, but this time for a more limited engagement. This daily challenge can only be played once from 6:00 UTC on Sundays until 6:00 UTC on Mondays. Since the stage can now only be played once a week, don’t forget to take advantage of Meowth’s generosity for those extra coins.

As the rest of the Pokémon Shuffle update events and stages roll out this month, there are sure to be more surprises, announcements, and pocket monster collecting opportunities. Stay tuned for an update or follow-up to this guide as the month of June continues. Got a player tip? Share in the comments below.

[Images courtesy Nintendo]