WWE News: Huge Plans For Finn Balor On The WWE Main Roster, Is He Coming Up Next?

Since WrestleMania 31, a handful of WWE NXT superstars have come up to the WWE’s main roster and performed admirably. The WWE Raw after WrestleMania, Neville and the Lucha Dragons came up and impressed all of the WWE Universe. Even though it was mostly a “mark” crowd, Neville and the Lucha Dragons still get a good pop each week.

After Neville and the Lucha Dragons debuted, Sami Zayn and then Kevin Owens came up to WWE Raw. The three former-NXT champions are permanent main roster talents. Owens and Zayn were only one-time appearances. Until Zayn’s injury, he was the one that was supposed to be on the WWE main roster full-time.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, there were original plans for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Zayn was supposed to be up full-time, but then he injured his shoulder. This is where Owens got his chance to face John Cena and change the course of his WWE career.

Not only do Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have big careers in WWE, but so does one WWE NXT superstar that all of the WWE fans want. According to RingSide News, a huge push is coming for a very popular WWE NXT star.

“WWE has major main roster plans in place for Finn Balor, according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio.”

“As of this writing, it’s unknown when the NXT standout will receive a main roster promotion, or exactly what WWE has in store for Balor, but they do have big plans for in on the main roster.”

The WWE Universe isn’t the 0nly one that is behind Finn Balor, but rather the WWE officials and a WWE superstar who is already on the WWE main roster. Neville talked about why Balor should be the next WWE NXT superstar called up to the main roster.

“I think Finn Balor. He’s an incredible talent, and a man that I’ve known for, going on 10, 11 years, no, longer than that actually, probably about 14 years now. Not only is he an unbelievable talent but he’s a good friend of mine so I’d love to see Finn make the jump. I think he’s a very worthy candidate for the next jump, but you never quite know what’s gonna happen and that’s the beauty of WWE.”

Balor is being talked about as the WWE’s next best thing. Granted, there have been many of those in the past, but Balor is the real deal. From his entrance music to the body paint and charisma, Balor will be a future WWE World Heavyweight champion.

[Image via 411mania.com]